Weddings by Manisha Porwal Chouraria: An Indian Wedding Success Story

If you want an elegant and intimate wedding with only your closest friends and family members in attendance, then you have got to enlist the services of Weddings by Manisha Porwal. It was established in 2015 as a startup by Manisha Porwal Chouraria, who is in charge of all the planning and decision-making responsibilities. In the post-COVID world, people have begun to realize that bigger doesn’t always mean better. Weddings by Manisha helps people to organize intimate and memorable weddings.

How Will Weddings by Manisha Porwal Help The To-Be-Married Couple?

Weddings by Manisha Porwal, aka Colour Palette Productions, is a wedding planning company that specializes in conducting elegant weddings of all faiths, shapes and sizes. If you turn over the responsibility of planning the wedding to Manisha Porwal, you will be able to sit back and enjoy as her team takes care of all the heavy lifting. Starting in Bangalore, Weddings by Manisha has organized weddings all over South India.

Advantage of Having a Micro Wedding

A micro wedding is an intimate wedding ceremony that has only a few guests – typically 50 to 150 people. Even though India is known for its big fat weddings, a micro wedding is a simple and private affair where only the couple’s closest friends and family are in attendance. Instead of a large production, the couple choose to share their happy moment only with the people in their life that they love and treasure.

Manisha Porwal Chouraria
Manisha Porwal Chouraria

Key Wedding Planning Services Offered by Weddings by Manisha Porwal

Here are the key wedding planning services that you’ll enjoy if you enlist the services of Weddings by Manisha Porwal.

1. Vendor Management: The Weddings by Manisha Porwal team will be able to liaise with vendors on your behalf. You won’t have to do any running around – Manisha and her team will take care of this huge task for you.

2. Guest Management & Hospitality: Manisha and her team will be on top of everything to ensure that your guests are comfortable and happy. Invitations, RSVPs, transportation, hotel stays, etc. will all be taken care of by Manisha and her team.

3. Wedding Collateral: Manisha and her team is also going to be in charge of designing the RSVP and invitation cards, save the dates, logos, etc. Other collateral like welcome cards, wedding itineraries, etc. will also be taken care of.

4. Decor, Design & Entertainment: The entire team at Colour Palette Productions is capable of handling the decor and design of the wedding ceremony. They’ll also hire the services of entertainment so that you and your guests can enjoy the wedding.

5. Photography & Videography: All couples want their weddings to be documented so that they can relive their happy moments down the road. The Weddings by Manisha team will also hire the services of expert photographers and videographers for this purpose.

Apart from all of these, Manisha Porwal and her entire team will be at your beck and call. They will be at your side and they will help you to pull off your wedding without the slightest hitch. Be it a micro wedding or a big fat Indian wedding, they will help you to pull off your dream wedding easily.

Aastha Jha
Founder and CEO at The Wedding Journal


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