Wedding Story of Ajaiy and Kirithika

Wedding story:

“Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.”

This is an enchanting wedding story of our smart & handsome software engineer- Ajaiy with the most, ravishing and gorgeous dentist Kirithika. It was a beautiful fairy tale wedding that portrayed their blissful love fabulously. The chemistry between the couple made the relatives cherish it as a Love marriage.


Poochodal: This foremost marriage ritual truly plays a significant role in the caste wedding. Alike every ritual connotes a meaning; Poochodal is an event where the groom’s mother gives a flower to the bride which she accepts. This event says that now the bride has been accepted as one of the family members by the Groom’s family.

This striking ritual of the couple was performed in Taj coromandel, Chennai. The arrangement was beyond perfect which made the spectators and family enjoy it to the fullest.


This ritual is also something that means a lot in any caste wedding. Probably the first announcement to the society that now, the couple is going to tie the knot of marriage.

This official proposal of marriage is one of the ancient traditions that have been performed for years. We, at Ajaiy and kirithika’s marriage, performed this function at ITC Chennai.

The pictures of the ceremony are indeed giving us glimpses of the arrangements and the decorations prepared by the team at ITC, they truly delivered life to the decorations.

Bridal shower and pre-wedding shoot:

Pre-wedding shoots mean a lot to any couple, it lets them enjoy and cherish one of the most beautiful moments for eternity. The couple performed their couple shoots with Sheraton Grand resort and Spa.

Reception, wedding, Sangeeth, Mehendi:

Indian wedding can’t be completed without sangeet and Mehendi. Those green essences covering the entire surrounding on the Mehendi day means a lot, it lets the colour of henna decorate the hands of the bride, where everyone blesses the couple lifetime happiness. On the other hand, sangeet, well… let the sound of music bring joy and success to the couple.

Both of these functions were performed in Leela palace in Chennai.

2nd Reception:

When it comes to Indian weddings, you will find family and friends equally happy and excited for the ceremony as the couple. As to cherish that happiness, the couple celebrated the second ceremony of Reception at Grandeur in nagercoil, the experts there assisted the arranged the function very well. This ended up adding stars to the ceremony.

Haldi and feast: 

They celebrated their Haldi and a couple of caste rituals at the Residence. We were there to help and assist when required.

Post-wedding shoot:

Official the couple now has performed their post-marriage shooting in Taj fishermen Co Chennai.


We had arranged common vendors for all the events. 

Wed_websites (9384041217)

A special thanks to the Wed_websites team who customized an amazing website for the wedding from the time it was finalized. The professional team worked with dedication, along with us throughout every events and festivities. Our own website is designed fabulously, capturing all the auspicious moments allowing us to create personalised digital spaces for preserving those valuable moments virtually forever as high-resolution videos and photos. We were able to easily share them with our loved ones. The Live video links made our friends and relatives from abroad experience the joy of participating in all the event celebrations and bless the couple from afar. We are very much satisfied and are eagerly waiting to work with them for more than 50 years treasuring precious memories of our life journey. 

Wedding Factory India 

They were our decor and planner who is Basically from Cochin. Shana was the team head, came with a big team and stayed in Chennai for a month. Made all the events a royal one. We got our entire wedding organised through them, and every little detail was meticulously taken care of, given attention and made sure it was the best to match our needs and expectations.

Graphik stills photography. 

They are an excellent team of energetic, cooperative friendly and talented photographers! They Captured all events with a full life. The unique clicks of family and friends are stunning. The team captured the beautifully crafted precious moments of our life as cherished memories that will always be cherished. 

Neelam studios : 

Menal momaya and her team gave a stunning style and different look for each event. We are very happy to get associated with this team. She has the best team to collaboratively provide extreme quality service enriched with experience and creativeness in making our pretty bride look fabulous!

Winks salon 

Absolutely wonderful service rendered by a professional team from Winks Salon for strikingly handsome Ajaiy.


All the luxurious diamond, vintage-inspired gold and exquisite uncut jewellery worn by the dazzling diva Kirithika, were a rich collection of 10 years from:

Ethnic jewellery

Sheetal diamonds

 Bina jewellery. 

Most of the jewellery was customised for it to be uniquely elegant and classy to represent the divine bond of love.


Fantastically designed attire was customised and crafted wonderfully from:

Tina Vincent, Kanceepuram cooperative society

NC santhanam

Gaurav Gupta

Syed brawker 

Sydney sladon 


Thank you 

Aastha Jha
Founder and CEO at The Wedding Journal


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