8 Best Wedding Mandap Ideas For Your Home

Wedding mandap ideas for your home during this ongoing pandemic and the restrictions imposed by the government, intimate weddings are here to stay. Small or intimate weddings are mostly being held at home with family members and few close friends.

A mandap is an integral part of weddings in India and adds to the wedding décor. Though you will come across numerous mandap décor ideas but you need to choose something that is suitable for a home setting because of the space limitations.

Here we provide some mandap ideas that are perfect for home weddings in the current scenario.

1. DIY decor

Since it is a home wedding, it is best to do the mandap décor yourself. You can hang jars and bottles made of glass with fairy lights inside them. You can take wedding vows under sparkling lights that remain focused on you.

            simple mandap decoration,

2. Marigold and Mogra

Marigold has a bright yellow color and mogra petals are scented. So when you combine these two you get a really good contrast of yellow and green which can be used as your mandap décor.

vivah mandap image,

3. Open mandap

Open mandaps are quite a in trend these days. You can use lots of flowers and foliage to decorate the aisle to the mandap leaving the top open. This will let you marry under the stars.

 Open mandap,

4. Suspended flower ceiling

Opting for a suspended flower ceiling can be another unique home wedding mandap décor idea. You can combine flowers of different colors to make the ceiling and leave the other four sides open.

simple wedding mandap designs,

5. Twinkling lights mandap

You can decorate your wedding mandap using twinkling lights of different colors that keeps blinking. These lights are easily available and easy to incorporate.

unique mandap designs,

6. Tree mandap

If you have a giant old tree in close proximity to your house, you can choose that as your wedding mandap. The tree can be decorated with flowers and light in whichever way you like.

 south indian wedding mandap designs,

7. Canopy style mandap

A canopy style wedding mandap is one of the most popular ideas and suits an indoor setting as well. Colored drapes of your choice can be used to create the canopy and a ceiling chandelier can be placed at the center.

wedding mandap decoration ideas,

8. Rustic style mandap

You can go for a rustic style mandap by setting a wooden backdrop or incorporating wooden branches and also include white flowers, cushions, pillows, and mattresses in different colors and designs.

wedding mandap ideas

These mandap ideas are simple yet stunning and can make your home wedding space an unforgettable one.

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Aastha Jha
Founder and CEO at The Wedding Journal


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