Best Wedding Jewelry Design For Your Big Day

Now that your wedding day is getting closer by the day, the anticipation kicks in more furiously than ever. It is your time to shine, to look your absolute best and make all the heads turn. Brides are always dreaming about their special day, planning every moment to perfection. You have your lehenga ready, your makeup and hair are sorted. The only thing missing from your look is accessories. Yes, jewelry is a huge part of your wedding ensemble. Here are some of the Best Wedding Jewelry Design that will never go out of fashion.

Traditional gold jewelry

Every ceremony is incomplete without the traditional designs and accessories. Gold is an imperative part of the classic wedding look for the bride. For the ceremony, most people prefer the bling and the shine. Gold plated or pure gold jewelry (depending on your budget) is a special hit in the southern states of India. Also, wearing gold is often seen as auspicious. You can have your pick from necklaces, anklets, bangles earrings and more.

indian wedding jewelry for brides,bridal jewellery gold,platinum jewellery,Precious stones,	necklace for sarees
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Classy platinum pieces

The more modern brides often go for the more delicate pieces made of platinum. However, don’t let them look like these pieces fool you. platinum might look silvery and shiny but is one of the most expensive metals in the world. Plus, platinum is more durable and easy to work with. It perfectly complements brides who opt for a more unconventional embroidered, silvery or grey outfit options. You can pair your jewelry with other stones and metals as well for a better aesthetic appeal. Platinum pieces go well with diamonds. 

platinum jewellery,Precious stones,        necklace for sarees
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Precious stones and jewels

The precious stones include expensive accessorizing items like diamonds, emeralds, rubies and more. These stones are custom-made and fitted into jewelry pieces like necklaces and rings giving them a new elegance and beauty. Who doesn’t love a big fat diamond ring or a green choker after all?! It is also a deviation from the classic gold accessories, but most jewelry designers have found ways to offer you the best of both. Gold earrings studded with precious stones is the new vogue among brides these days.

indian wedding jewelry for brides,bridal jewellery gold,
Source: Kraftstar Management

Heavy or delicate accessories

Now, this Wedding Jewelry Design depends on your outfit and overall look. Some brides want to go all the way in and flaunt their accessories. Others want to keep it understated and subtle. Either way ensure that your wedding lehenga, sari or gown complements the jewelry. Go for heavy pieces when your dress is low-key and vice versa.

indian wedding jewelry for brides,bridal jewellery gold,
Source: Kraftstar Management

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Aastha Jha
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