Wedding Hair And Makeup Ideas

When you have to attend a wedding, you may be short of hair and makeup ideas. Here are some Wedding Hair And Makeup ideas that would make you Perfect.

Hair ideas

  • The half-up wavy hairstyle: The half-up wavy hairstyle is a kind of textured half do. The waved portion of your hair gives your face a frame and the height of the crown lends a flattering look. When you try this hairstyle on yourself, secure your bun with either a sparkly clip or bobby-pins that matches your hair color.
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  • Side bun: A hair bun just near the nape of your neck imparts a soft look. Pairing it up with black eyeliner and matt lipstick in bright shades would lend you a simple but yet sexy look. This hairstyle gives you a romantic look and is perfect when you plan to go on a date.
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  • Twisty short hairstyle: This hairstyle will transform your pixie cut to an up-do, which initially may not seem possible to you. You can wear this style by creating a deep side part with the help of a hair volumizer. You can just comb back the rest of the hair for that easy-breezy look.
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  • Undone hair bun: This hairstyle suits someone with curly hair. No need not worry if you are not blessed with natural curls. All you need to do is wrap your hair around a curling iron measuring about an inch. Next, gather all your traces to create a high bun that is loose. For a dreamy effect, you can randomly pull out some strands.
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Makeup ideas

  • Green eyeliner: You can try something different altogether and go for green eyeliner on your lower eyelid and keep the rest of the makeup simple. You can try different shades of green with shimmer and even dark green can work wonders.
  • Soft pink lipstick and blusher: When you apply soft pink blusher on your cheeks and match it with a lipstick of the same shade you get a dramatic look. You can try this look for any event but remember to keep all your hair on either side of the face to draw attention towards your cheeks.
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  • Red lips: Sporting a red lipstick look lends you a glamorous and timeless look. This is one style that will never go out of fashion. If you are apprehensive about trying a bold red lipstick, you need to go easy on the eyes, know your skin tone and choose the right shade of blusher.
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Hopefully, with the above-mentioned hair and makeup ideas, you are sure to turn heads around!

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