How To Limit The Wedding Guest List To 50?

Preparing your wedding guest list is difficult especially when it has been restricted to 50 as per lockdown protocols due to Covid19. Cutting down on your guest list can be stressful. It may make you feel guilty as you cannot please all of your friends and relatives.

So here are some strategies to downsize your guest list to 50.

Prioritize family

When it’s your wedding, your and your partner’s family matters the most and this also includes important people in your parents’ and your in-law’s lives. This makes the guest list long. Now you need to decide whether you will include someone who is not in touch with you for a long time.

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Those who will be part of your future

Your guest list may include some friends and relatives who will hardly have any role to play in your married life. Whereas there are some people who you think are going to be a part of your future. Now you are the best person to identify those people.

how to cut family from wedding guest list

Separate guest list

When it comes to Indian weddings, it lasts for up to 3 days which includes pre-wedding functions like Mehendi and Sangeet, wedding, and reception. If you want all your guests to be a part of your wedding, you can prepare a separate guestlist for each of the functions.

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Restrict acquaintances/plus-ones

It is quite common that your cousin may bring along his/her friend or your colleagues may come along with their partner. In order to abide by the government rules, you need to be strict and send across the message.

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Consider distance

Some close relatives may be staying abroad who are much-desired on the most special day of your life. As a precautionary measure due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it is best to exclude such guests as they need to travel internationally.

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Exclude aged guests and young children

Perhaps you are aware of the fact that aged persons and children are prone to get infected by a coronavirus and they should stay away from gatherings. Considering this, you may not include them considering their safety and restrict your guest list to 50.

How To Limit Wedding Guest List

To conclude

It is true that you want all your guests to be a part of your wedding guest list and even they would love to bless the occasion with their presence. So, if you have already started sending out invitations, you should let them about this drastic step due to Covid-19 and convey it politely.

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