Things You Need To Know About Best Venues For Hosting Weddings During COVID-19

Wedding During COVID-19 is hard. Weddings are the source of celebration for the groom, bride, and their families. It is an occasion, where the meetings and festivities take place to celebrate the union of the two people to be married. Actually, the average number of people taking part in an Indian wedding ranges from 500 – 2000 people.

So, it is quite evident that a wedding venue has to have that much capacity of attending the people, and the space where they can mingle. In general, the number of people present at a wedding is considered a sign of prosperity for either party. 

COVID 19 – a silent attacker

However, the present situation of lockdown because of COVID 19 has made a big impact on the wedding scenario. Caused by a member of the Coronaviridae family, this virus spreads through the inhalation of respiratory droplets expelled by an infected person.

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In India, the death toll of COVID-19 related disease has spread towards 149348 active cases with 9195 deaths. Due to the nature of the infection, it has been advised by all the related authorities to maintain distance between two people, called social distancing.

This development has put a serious constraint on the normal processes of festive activities.

Prohibition for gathering

During the constrictive phase of the lockdown, there was also a ban on any gathering which included weddings or other functions. Although, some instances of exchange of vows over communication apps have come into the news; the actual presence of people to share the joyous moment of the union of two people was missing.

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In recent times, the authorities are allowing some slack; which has permitted some venues to open their doors for the people. 

The best wedding venues-arrangements and characteristics

However, as a concerned citizen, it will be better if you keep the health and viral infection characteristics in mind. The virus can still infect the people that have been standing closer than the required distance, and as a result, every person present or having contact with these persons will be at the risk of infection.

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So there are some characteristics which must be verified before a wedding venue is booked by you;

  • Proper space: Although it seems to be a redundant requirement, it is to ensure that the government-approved number of guests can stand or sit well-apart in their position. 
  • The number of guests: Governments of states have specified 20-50 people as the maximum number of attendees. Some states have allowed only immediate relatives. The venue must follow these orders.
  • Health-checking: The venue should have sterilization gates and arrangement for temperature checking with ample security to discourage any unauthorized person to enter.
  • Proper sanitization: The venue must have proper arrangements of sanitizers and other required hygiene products.

The vendors of the venue

Due to the unavailability of people and resources, many wedding venues will not be able to provide all the services.

Therefore, it is better for the client to arrange for a “completion-worthy” plan and have a talk with the venue about the possible arrangements and décor. All in all, the rules of safety and precautions must be followed at all times for hosting a wedding during COVID-19. 

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