10 Wedding Day Emergencies & Solutions To Handle Them!

Is your wedding coming any time soon? Do you think you have every detail for your wedding sorted? Well even if you have, there are some last moment emergencies that come up even with the most meticulously planned weddings.

Everyone wants their wedding day to be just perfect. From the dress to the venue, the weather, the ambiance or the music, you would want everything to be happening just the way that you have dreamt of. Most couples begin their planning months in advance, ensuring that every detail is well taken care of. But what one has to understand is that there is no such wedding that may be tagged as the perfect wedding. With so many venders that you have to co-ordinate with and so much of emotions running high on both sides, you will definitely encounter some bumps on the path.

wedding day emergency

Listen to the wedding experts

The major wedding planners who closely observe a number of weddings have come up with a list of some of the common mistakes and also devised easy solutions for them. Read through the list to find out more:

  1. Sudden skin issues: Be it the bride or the groom, owing to the stress that one has to go through during weddings, skin problems such as pimples and may show up more easily.
    • Solution: The best solution is to use a mild cleanser and not try to prick your pimples or rub your skin too much. The make-up artists can use concealers and ensure that your pictures turn out to be flawless.
bridal emergency
  1. Zipper Issues: With all the yummy food around, it is difficult to keep track of the calorie intake and you may gain weight, resulting in issues with your zipper.
    • Solution: Buy clothes that have the breathing space for your body and try out the dresses just a day before the actual event.
Bridal Skin care
  1. Weather issues: The weather may change its mood any time, even at your wedding day and in case you are planning your events on the outdoors, it may create a major problem for you.
    • Solution: Always have a backup plan in mind.
  1. Vendor cancels last minute: If you do not contact the reliable vendors, they may turn you down last minute.
Wedding Day
  1. Last-moment tan: If you have most of the events planned outside you can get a tan.
    • Solution: Always keep a tan removal pack ready at hand.
Wedding Day
  1. Lost earring back: Lost your earring back? Do not waste time locating it.
    • Solution: Cut off a piece of eraser and it works perfectly.
Wedding Day
  1. Travel plans: Are your wedding and reception taking place in two different places and the car just broke down?
    • Solution: Ask a friend to be present as a backup on such a big day.
Wedding Day
  1. Cake disaster: The cake did not turn out according to your liking.
    • Solution: Turn away the spotlight to the couple or use extra flowers in the table.
Cake Diaster
  1. Traffic jam: Guests stuck in a traffic jam on your wedding day?
    • Solution: Try to talk to your vendor and extend the timing or organize the event in a relatively less crowded place.
  1. Speech disaster: Did you just forget the speech you were preparing for months?
    • Solution: Speak your heart out simply!
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Keeping these solutions in mind, you can put off these common mistakes easily.

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Aastha Jha
Founder and CEO at The Wedding Journal


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