Make A Wedding Checklist: Things To Include for Planning

Weddings are a lifetime event. Most people begin their plans for marriage months in advance. And why not? Definitely you would not want anything to go amiss on your big day and would do anything to ensure that everything goes just as you have planned.

But how do you start with your planning? Do you know that despite your best attempts, it is quite possible that you miss out on the most important things owing to the wedding buzz? Well, this is where the planning list comes handy. Once you have listed everything on your wedding planning list, all you got to do is tick them off as you advance toward the biggest day of your life.

Don’t quite know what are the things that you must add to your wedding checklist, well this article will get you sorted as it already has a list of things that you must include right below. Read on to know more.

Fix a few tentative dates

Once you have decided to tie the knot, it is very important that you have some tentative dates in mind. Having some tentative dates helps you in smooth planning.

wedding date

Decide on your budget

Weddings are quite an expensive affair and you definitely would not want to splurge more than you can afford. Hence sit down with your significant other and decide upon your budget.

 Wedding Checklist,wedding budget

Consider making the guest list

Making a guest list at the earliest is quite helpful both in deciding upon the venue as well as the catering service. If you have a very big guest list, you will obviously need a large hall to accommodate all of them and vice versa.

wedding guest list

Pull in a wedding planner

If you feel that doing the wedding all by yourself is getting too difficult you can always pool in a wedding planner who can ensure that you get in touch with the right vendors for your wedding.

wedding planner

Book the venue

At this point, it is very important that you finalize on one date among your list of tentative dates and book your wedding venue accordingly. Do not delay your bookings as this will just hike up the prices and you may even miss out on the venue that you really wanted.

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Prepare the invitations

Prepare the invitations and set them out for printing.

Apart from these the bridal ensemble, the groom’s attire and the venue décor are some of the other items that you can add to your wedding checklist. So prepare your checklist today and get set planning!

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