Trending floral jewellery for the bride

Jewellery is always a girl’s best friend, especially on their wedding day. Currently, there is a trend of wearing floral jewellery at the Haldi function by the bride. These pieces of jewellery are mostly made from fresh or artificial flowers to spread happiness, colour, goodness, and positivity in the upcoming new life of the bride. If you are also a would-be bride who has become confused about which floral jewellery to wear, then the below pictures will give you immense knowledge about it.

1. Real Flower Hair tairas as a showstopper:

2. Adorn your gorgeous hair with a chic looking floral hair tiara:

3. Floral Passa as Floral jewellery for Haldi ceremony:

4. Pink and white Elegant Haath Phool Jewellery:

5. Pink and white Elegant Haath Phool Jewellery:

6. Sophisticated pink, white and yellow Hath Phool floral jewellery:

7. Customized Carnation bracelets to be worn around your wrist:

8. Floral Kalire is a symbol of care, affection, and love of a mother towards a bride:

9. Floral kalire with a combination of pearls and metals:

10. A bridal outfit will remain incomplete without floral kalire statement jewellery:

11. Slay your wedding functions with endless floral Payal jewellery:

12. Get Innumerable compliments for this Payal on your wedding functions:

13. Overtly Stunning Floral jewellery sets to accomplish all the bridal goals:

14. Traditional and ethnic designed floral jewellery set for the millennial brides:

15. Look drop-dead stunning and enchanting with this princess floral jewellery set:

16. Out of the box and timeless pink and white floral jewellery set:

17. Trendsetting gold and red floral jewellery set in place of real gold:

18. Contrast this golden floral jewellery with your outfit to look fashionable and chic:

19. You can never go wrong with this yellow and white customized floral bajuband:

20. Colorful Maang Tikka with flower strings and petals:

21. Exquisite real and artificial floral jewellery set to become other brides inspiration:

22. Amp your look with contrasting light and deep pink coloured floral bracelet:

23. Look like an epitome of exquisiteness with this white and pink floral bracelet:

24. Make your guests speechless with the detailed yellow-hued floral bracelet:

25. Vibrant pink and yellow coloured jewellery set to go well with any monochrome outfit:

26. An ultimate pink coloured floral bracelet that represents the Indian weddings vividness:

27. Bright coloured floral jewellery set that will leave in you awe of the bride:


Now that you have known about the trending floral jewellery, let us know which one you have liked the most. Choose the best floral jewellery according to your wedding function and make yourself feel special. 

Aastha Jha
Founder and CEO at The Wedding Journal


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