Top 7+ Beaches For A Wedding In India

Are the wedding bells already ringing? Among all of the decisions you’ll have to make regarding invites, guest lists, menus, décor, clothing, presents, and other details, the most significant and time-consuming is deciding where you want to marry. We realize how difficult it may be to pick the top 7+ Beaches For A Wedding in India for you and your future spouse to exchange vows, particularly if you desire a beach wedding.

Here are some of our recommendations for the top beach wedding venues in India:
Beaches For A Wedding In IndiaHere are some of our recommendations for the top beach wedding venues in India:

1. Kerela

Top 7+ Beaches For A Wedding

Kerala, the country of gods and temples, is well-known to all of us. This lovely location, located on the Malabar Coast, is famed for its palm-lined beaches, backwaters, temples, and canals, making it an ideal location for a wedding. Kerala is a renowned destination beach wedding resort that will shower you with blessings and beauty on your most important day.

2. Goa

Top 7+ Beaches For A Wedding
Top 7+ Beaches For A Wedding

Far from the crowds, resorts in South Goa allow you to spice up your wedding with a variety of festivities. You can have everything, from modest ceremonies in the garden to countless afterparties on the beach, rain dances in the Arabian Sea, and casual poolside beverages.

3. Mahabalipuram

Top 7+ Beaches For A Wedding
Top 7+ Beaches For A Wedding

Do you want to get married adjacent to a beach at a temple? If you’re thinking about getting married in Mahabalipuram, you’ve come to the right spot. This clean and historic town warmly greets its visitors with gorgeous beaches, temples, monuments, and spectacular beauty. 

4. Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Top 7+ Beaches For A Wedding

With its immaculate beaches and white sand, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands will provide you with the most beautiful wedding location. The Bay of Bengal’s golden sand beaches, relaxing and pleasant temperatures, and blue waters will provide the ideal setting for you and your spouse to begin a new life together.

5. Pondicherry

Top 7+ Beaches For A Wedding

Pondicherry, with its lovely white beach and French architectural grandeur, is becoming a favorite wedding location among today’s couples. The months of October through March are great for a wedding at this location! With stunning resorts, Pondicherry has ample locations to choose from.

6. Lakshadweep

Top 7+ Beaches For A Wedding

Lakshadweep, on the other hand, is recognized for being the most exotic wedding location. With silky white sand, chilly, breezy waves, a bright shining sky, and brilliant sunshine, it’s the perfect day. Organizing a destination wedding here might be the greatest present you could ever get.

7. Daman and Diu

Do you want to tie a knot in a serene location? You have Daman and Diu to yourselves! The territory’s Portuguese allure entices you to visit. A wedding can be held any time between October and March.

8. Vizag

Top 7+ Beaches For A Wedding
Top 7+ Beaches For A Wedding

The Vizag’s attractive environment and gorgeous beaches have won our hearts! The greatest time to organize a wedding here is from October to March! It is an ideal location to celebrate the start of your beautiful journey with one another. 

Which Location would you prefer for your Destination Wedding among our Top 7+ Beaches For A Wedding?

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