The hairstyle Guide: Mehendi Edition

It’s always been everyone’s favourite to celebrate special occasions. Imagine the importance of a wedding in a person’s life then.

All they want right now is a magical dream, brought to life along with perfection.

There are soo many rituals in and around a wedding ceremony that require so much grooming and decoration.

When it comes to a makeover, the groom has his choices and his attire to select from, but the girls have many more variants, discussions and whatnot.

In the life of a bride, a Mehendi ceremony is extremely significant. Imagine her dream outfit for the day. It also requires the right hairstyle.

The hair can totally make or break the whole look. The outfit of your wedding day is fixable; jewellery issues can be ignored; a bad hairstyle can’t be excused.

Even in these cases, choices exist. A heavy outfit can be paired with a simple or complex hairstyle and it’s the same with a simpler one too.

Open hairstyles would pair well with certain outfits and face cuts. Adding flowers to the hair is a common hairstyle. Pinning different beads to the hair is also a good choice.

In one type, the hair is arranged in a proper proportion and then curled.

It’s the occasion when the Mehendi is done, and a very heavy one would irritate the bride. In addition to open hair, braids have been a part of ceremonies for ages.

Whether it is a simple one, crisscrossed, twisted or a messier one, everything works perfectly on the day.  Increasingly, brides choose elegant hairstyles with half braids and puffs too.

Buns might be the best option for those who both want a perfect look and don’t want to be interrupted by their curls.

It need not be a simple bun, as there are variations like a high bun, an upturned flower crown, the version based on a rose, the one with flowers, or beads, or even a bun with a fluffy puff or a one with beads attached. In addition to the hairstyle, the right accessory is what makes the look perfect.

There are so many hairstyles that are attached to traditional clothing that they have become overly clichéd, and over-usage or an over-hairdo makes it look worse.

It is thus necessary to initially decide, if the focus has to be their dress, jewellery, hairstyle, or hair accessory, depending on which a perfect yet satisfying hairstyle can be brought to life and keep them happy throughout.

Aastha Jha
Founder and CEO at The Wedding Journal


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