The guide to Neck Pieces -Wedding Edition

Dream weddings, brought to life, are something, everyone, hopes for. Whether it is the decor or just the rituals, it is one of the most memorable occasions.

Obviously, the bride and groom, being the focal point of the entire occasion and ceremony, would want to make it more special with the perfect makeup, the perfect attire, and even the most beautiful photos, not just for themselves, but also for all the guests.

Further, the bride might even like some amazing jewellery that brightens her look for her favourite day.

It takes a lot of time to decide on a neckpiece, and even more, time to choose them. There is the possibility of it enhancing or spoiling the look.

When deciding what neckpiece to wear, it is important to check the dress’s neckline.

By matching the outfit, they can complement the look, or they can make the bride look more beautiful if the colour is brighter/dull than the outfit. Moreover, the bride has the option of choosing a glittery one or a heavy one or a very simple and lightweight one.

In addition to its beauty and charm, it must fulfil the need, the budget, and the comfort.

The charm of golden neckpieces never fades.

There would be something golden in almost all Indian wedding outfits, or at least a hint of gold embroidery. A jewellery piece can be matched with an outfit with its help.

To include those kinds of jewels, short or long chains, simple or heavy, have been traditional.

Many brides choose a brighter colour to make their wedding look more trendy.

Adding green emeralds or stones in brighter colours or totally different colours to a regular wedding saree makes it look stunning.

In addition to chokers, which are an old trend, beaded chokers are also a good choice, mainly due to the fact that they are available as long or short ones.

Traditions brought up from ancient times, such as a chunky neckpiece or a Kundan haar, are still the ones we look up to today.

You can also opt for floral rani haar, matching the usual floral decoration if you want a floral vibe. Necklaces of the pendant type, either the usual ones or the ones on the side, are new additions to a to-be bride’s wishlist.

All of these factors, when taken into consideration and looked upon with utmost care, would give the bride a sense of confidence about her appearance, and preserve her looks and jewels for future generations.

Aastha Jha
Founder and CEO at The Wedding Journal


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