Colours have always played a role of their own in everyone’s life. Every colour narrates a story of its own and makes us remember certain things.

For instance, when you think about green, the first thing that we can think about is a leaf.

In fact, colour determines a person’s mood and interests. Not every colour goes as per people’s interests. Different colours attract different people. In fact, not just the actual colours, but even the gradients and shades are some things that are pleasant.

Gradients and shades create a pleasant atmosphere and give a feeling of calmness.

As far as considering my personal interests, I find blue as a very attractive colour.

It is in fact a colour that makes itself a sight to behold. It gives some work vibes and a professional look.

A colour meant to have its own purpose, it has its own identity and reasons to be adorned and flexed. In fact, every shade of the same colour has a story of its own.

Flattering is a word that means something that is completely filled with appreciation and compliments. In one’s regular life, we all would have an incident, where either we were flattered, or we tried flattering someone.

It’s all a part of life. Probably this would have happened with our gesture, or maybe the way we looked.

Everything happened because of our choice of colours, dress and a theme that we probably used. But, as already mentioned, it’s the choices that actually help in any sort of liking or attraction.

When blue has a more complementation role and helps in putting yourself out with a sort of confidence, black is a shade that is for an all-purpose outlook.

It is practically imaginable to go out for a meeting, an informal lunch or even a romantic getaway to any place with that colour.

It is a colour that automatically goes with the occasion and is mostly everyone’s favourite colour. It’s something that many crave to dorn because of the aesthetics and sophistication it provides.

Every occasion asks for a different look. Imagine going to a wedding in a grey or a dull coloured outfit.

At times, if it’s our choice, it is accepted by few families. But not all are so open-minded to accept these shades.

In such a case, or an occasion a vibrant shade would choose the situation and the vibe and purpose of the place or the day. Gaining an appreciation for how we dress is in fact,  both a self-appreciation and a tag given to us by someone else wanted or unwantedly.

It is something that appeals to people around us too. It is a well-known fact about the judgemental society that we all live in. So the choice of whom to flatter still stays with us.

A shade/ colour that we use determines who we are. It is probably the first thing a person is judged with. For instance, a person using vibrant colours might like a blingy lifestyle, prefer certain loud stuff around them and usually prefer living inside a well-lit space.

A person who likes subtle shades might like a closed environment and has a deep connection to emotional stuff. These aren’t really facts that are supposed to be true in all cases, but these are just some usually noted psychological behaviour or the existence of people.

This is the usual way by which people think initially before knowing a person completely. At times, we don’t usually have a preference for a shade, yet, seeing or being in contact with a particular one modifies our mood accordingly. It’s the focus and feels that it provides.

It’s all about what suits, what comforts and what shows perfection towards and for a person.

Aastha Jha
Founder and CEO at The Wedding Journal


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