Tamil Wedding Rituals

Tamil Wedding Rituals are elegant. Weddings in the Southern part of India is not incredibly extravagant as it is in the northern part. But if we consider the rituals and traditions which are followed then they are surely elegant and lavish in their own way. Tamil wedding, also known as Kalyanam, may not be like pomp and show, but Tamil People believe in following their rituals in the right way. 

Here are certain Tamil Wedding Rituals which are followed: 

Nakshatra Porutham: 

The first step in a Tamil wedding is to match the horoscopes or the nakshatras, and this is given the utmost importance. With this step completed, the wedding date and time is decided.

Marriage Agreement: 

The marriage agreement is drafted by the priests once the marriage is fixed. This happens at the groom’s house, where both the families meet and exchange their agreements on a tray filled with banana leaves, coconut, and gifts.

Tamil Wedding Rituals

Sumangali Prarthanai: 

Taking the blessings from our elders is Indian culture, which is considered a significant event during a Tamil Wedding. Sumangali means married women, and they take part in this ritual. These women are close relatives and family friends. The significance of this ceremony is to ensure that the marriage goes on without any obstacles. 

Pallikal Thellichal: 

This ceremony depicts that the couple’s lives are filled with prosperity and good fortune. Earthen pots are decorated with vermilion and sandalwood paste by five to seven married women from both sides. Each pot is filled with grains called Navadhaanyam with some curd. A special Kolam or the traditional south Indian sand art design is also made in the house to ensure God’s goodwill.  


This custom takes place at the groom’s place a day before the wedding. This tradition signifies the transition of the groom from the bachelorhood or brahmacharya phase of like to domestic or garhasthaya phase. A sacred thread dipped in turmeric is tied on the groom’s wrist to protect him from the evil eye. A similar ceremony also takes place in the bride’s home. 

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Naandi Shraddham: 

On the wedding day morning, the groom’s family arrives at the bride’s place or the venue. They are welcomed with a tray full of sweets, betel leaves, betel nuts, and fruits, and the groom is welcomed with rose water shower. The family also invites ten brahmins and feeds them a vegetarian meal and are given two-piece garments. The brahmins then wish for the couple’s prosperous life ahead. 

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The Wedding: 

After the above-mentioned ceremonies, the wedding takes place. The day begins with Mangal Snanam, during which married women apply turmeric paste on the bride and the groom before they are soaked in holy water. The bride performs the Gauri Puja right before heading to the mandap. While the bride performs this pooja, the groom commences the Kashi Yatra ritual, during which he announces his intention to leave the wedding and head to become an ascetic. At this point, the brother of the bride and the father blocks the groom’s journey and woos the groom back to the marriage hall. 

Oonjal (Swing ceremony) 

In this custom, married ladies of the family offer milk and banana to the bride and groom while they are seated on a swing. Along with these traditional songs are also sung.

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The most heartwarming ritual is when the bride sits on her father’s lap, this ritual symbolizes the love for the daughter and how she played in his lap and seeks the groom’s promise to protect her through her life. This is followed by Muhurtum, where the groom puts the Mangalsutra and Sindoor on his bride. 

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