Suvankar Sen: A Professional Photographer and the founder of “Two Hearts”.

1. Tell us something about yourself and your company.

Suvankar Sen: I am a full-time photographer based out of dumdum, Kolkata. I have more than a decade of experience of being a professional photographer, Currently I own a company called “TWO HEARTS” which was formed in late 2018 with 5 employees.

Suvankar Sen

2. What’s your competitive advantage and why can’t it be copied?

I would say “Optimum quality at a pocket-friendly price”, Being born in a middle-class family we have always believed in the concept of value for money and that’s been our go-to mantra as well, I want to cascade the same belief in my work as well. We thrive with a sense of responsibility about being true to our form of art.

3. What challenges/obstacles did you face in your journey so far?

Mostly in your professional career, you would find a lot of challenges and obstacles, and a lot of ups and downs, but I was fortunate enough I didn’t have many obstacles going around me, maybe due to my positive attitude towards my work.

Suvankar Sen

4. What are your expansion plans?

Currently, I’m planning to expand my portfolio all over the country.

5. Tell our audience more about your failures? How should one bounce back?

If you have failed in your life remember there is always a better tomorrow, it’s not that I haven’t had any downfalls in my career, failures are what teaches us the learning towards success, If there weren’t any setbacks in my life then I wouldn’t have my success so full filling.

My Advice will be to believe in yourself and your talent, have faith in God, work hard and the results will be fruitful.

6. How do you define success?

It’s a subjective concept, success to me might not mean the same to others.
But to generalize success, I would say it’s the motivation to work harder, I would like to be remembered as a good person at the end of the day, this is what matters to me the most.,

7. Please share with us some of the challenges you faced in your journey

As said earlier, I haven’t experienced any such considerable downfall yet, the reason would be that I always keep myself motivated to face challenges, I do believe in “hope for the best, but also prepare for the worst”.

Suvankar Sen

8. What would advice to entrepreneurs?

I’m not sure if I’m capable enough to suggest or advise someone on their career, But if you’d ask me I would say that “there’s no shortcut to success”. Your career is like a journey that educates you to be the better version of yourself. Work hard and with full dedication, be humble and success shall prevail.

Suvankar Sen

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