Style Guide to Your Perfect Bridal Look – 2022

All the women around the globe crave a perfect bridal look for their wedding. The bridal makeup and getup are constantly changing each year, bringing a fresh and better style statement to your life. With each passing year, we welcome a few upgrades in the bridal makeover and bid goodbye to some of them, but if you are going to be ‘The Bride’ in 2022, then you must check out style guide to your perfect bridal look for the special day.

Perfect Bride 2022: Bridal Style Guide

Perfect Bridal Look

Being a bride, looking your best is the ultimate challenge. So, give these looks a try for the 2022 perfect bridal look.

Make a Room for Pink and Peach

Perfect Bridal Look

Gone were the days when bridal lehengas were all about vibrant colours. In the present time, keeping them all simple and aesthetically pleasing has become the core part. With the peach colour bridal dresses, one can achieve a subtly beautiful look while there are various shades of pink which are both light on the eyes and yet deliver a complete bridal aura.

All Smokey Look!

Perfect Bridal Look
Perfect Bridal Look
Perfect Bridal Look
Perfect Bridal Look

The goddess of all makeup, a smokey look is a perfect option for the brides of 2022. With the nude attire and lips, highlighting just the depth of your eyes will speak louder than any other bridal look. Give all the attention to the smokey eye makeup and leave the rest of the makeup nude to get the perfect bridal look on your wedding day.

Or, Go for Red!

Perfect Bridal Look
Perfect Bridal Look

Another excellent option that is on the flip side of the nude bridal look is red. In fact, no other colour can match the perfection of Red when it comes to a perfect bridal look. However, when the colour is bold in itself, you must choose to keep everything else minimal.

Go Matte!

Perfect Bridal Look

There is something absolutely stunning about matte that keeps us attached to it or even want for more. If your wedding falls in the mid-year, matte becomes your go-to option. Now, throw in it all bronze or try an easy and classy matte look, that is up to you. Just make sure to not overdo it and keep a combination for the safe side!

Finally, doing minimally can be considered as the new bold in today’s time. The perfect bridal look calls for a combination of bold dress colour and minimal makeup or vice versa. Bold over the bold can make everything look intolerable while a completely nude look will attract every pair of eyes!

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