South Indian Wedding Garland Designs we couldn’t take our eyes off!

Exchanging garlands or varmalas is a vital ritual in each south Indian marriage. The garland exchanging moments are adorable and are full of fun moments. South Indian varmalas are necessary for many marriage ceremony functions starting from the commitment ceremony to Muhurtham. Many varieties of South Indian varmalas are present, like the elegant or the heavy ones. Thus to give you plenty of alternatives with the garland designs for South Indian nuptials, we have penned down the below article. Here you will get numerous inspirations to include in your special day and make it more stunning.

1. Garland made with fresh lotus flora adds a splendid aura to any marriage function:

2. Tulsi leaf garland is one of the most traditional varmala designs in any South Indian marriage occasion:

3. Varmala with pastel-colored roses is in fashion for all South Indian nuptials:

4. Color-coordinated garland with the saree of the fashion conscious bride for enhanced detailing:

5. Red roses garland covered with layers of flower mogra gives a refreshing and classical touch to the function:

6. Multiple and simple varmalas add more charm to the couples:

7. Delightful and royal red roses garlands to witness your love:

8. An outstanding amalgamation of white and pink lilies in a South Indian Garland:

9. Mogra is one of the significant materials for any South Indian wedding garland:

10. Colorful and classic dried flower garland to enhance your moment in the wedding:

11. Stunning pink and white garland making your D-Day truly mesmerizing:

12. The trending combination of lotus and baby breath within a garland gives contemporary vibes:

13. Baby Breath, hydrangeas, and rose garland add a fancy look to your wedding:

14. Extraordinary and breathable Thai garlands in various patterns make your wedding day stunning:

15. White garlands of jasmine or lilies contrasting to your saree:

16. Multicolored garlands look ravishing without doing much work that looks lovely:

17. Fresh jasmine garland with a combination of some artificial flowers makes a statement piece:

18. Mum flower varmalas with spider and button floras deliver an appealing and unconventional feeling to the wedding:

19. White and pink carnations give a serene and calm effect to the entire bridal look:

20. Dark-colored garland matching your garland:

21. Light-colored orchid and deep-colored carnation garland adding significance to the wedding:

Final words

Are not the above garlands for the South Indian marriage occasion gorgeous? Well, take the design of the one that you have liked the most and welcome your life partner with it.

Aastha Jha
Founder and CEO at The Wedding Journal


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