Modern Jewellery Ideas For The South Indian Bride!

Well, if you have grown up in a south Indian household, you know just how much jewellery means to every South Indian Bride. Indeed the trousseau of a South Indian Bride is never complete without those exquisite pieces of jewellery that adore her on her wedding day.

But given that you are a modern bride, you definitely would not want your jewelleries to be the same as what your mother or your grandmother wore for their weddings. The leading stylist would tell you that there are some nice and subtle ways in which you can play with the south Indian jewellery pieces and give the bride a modern touch!

The modern touch

Are you wondering how you should look modern and up-to-date with the present trends without forgetting your south Indian roots? Then there are lists of ideas curated from the top bridal artists that will definitely make every heart skip a beat with your looks:


Maangtikas bring an instant touch of glow to the bride’s face. Now there are different ways in which you can play with the MaangTika. In place of going for the traditional heavy tikas that are usually worn by the South Indian Brides, you may choose a lighter one that has stones or pearls that compliment your outfit.

south indian maang tikka


The Vanki or the BajuBandhis another interesting piece of jewellery that is often worn by south Indian brides. In fact, brides from other parts of India have also drawn inspiration and have begun to wear it. If you are going for a short-sleeved blouse then wearing a bajubandh may be a great idea.

vanki designs


Necklaces have been worn by brides since time immemorial. But looking at the present times, what seems to be the trend is to wear one central piece of necklace that has many layers to it. Added to that you may also put on a line of pearl as that brings in a vibe of royal opulence. But wearing too many pieces of contradicting styles and designs is a strict no-no!

south indian necklace

Hair jewellery

What gives a South Indian bride her characteristic look is definitely the hair jewellery. While all through the ages, south Indian brides have been seen in very heavy hair jewellery, which seems to be the present trend is some floral jewellery along with strings of pearl.

hair jewellery

Now that you have the latest and the most fab ideas, go ahead and start preparing for your D-day today!

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Aastha Jha
Founder and CEO at The Wedding Journal


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