Simran Khanna: An Interview with a well-known actor for films like Jai Mummy Di, The Ace Minister, etccidental Prim.

Simran Khanna, a popular name in the Indian television industry, is known for her unique acting skills. Most of her fans are not aware that she is a model, singer, and director. She is from Mumbai, India, and has been an assistant director for films like Jai Mummy Di, The Accidental Prime Minister, etc.

The versatile actress Simran Khanna, came into this beautiful world on 19th February 1985 with her twin sister, Chahatt Khanna. She has always made her fans proud with exceptional performances in different roles. Here’s a quick effort in knowing her.

1. Tell us about your journey

Talking about my journey, I would never say it was easy for me. But now, when I recall my journey, I feel proud of myself for being so strong, and to overcome every situation that came my way.

I say a big bravo to me as I chose to move ahead even after so many obstacles. I did not know anyone from the industry, so I needed to build my career all on my own. Yes, it was tough, but I made it easier by keeping a strong mindset.

I overcame all the obstacles that came across my path. I never gave up and always moved on and on. To date, I would say that I am a self-made person. 

2. Was there any defining moment as such when you realized that you wanted to be an actor?

Well, when it comes to acting, I never decided I wanted to become an actor. But yes, when it comes to fashion, makeup, singing, dancing, I loved doing all of it. I was fond of a few actors as I used to think they look so beautiful.

But I never knew they used to put on make-up, and it’s because of the camera and lights. I loved singing and dancing and participated in different school functions, get-together parties. 

3. Who is your celebrity crush?

Sorry to say, but yes, I didn’t have any celebrity crush in both TV and the Indian film industry. The reason behind this is I believe that the real heroes are celebrities. Also, I want to say that I will never have any celebrity crush in the future. 

4. What kind of role do you feel most comfortable with?

I would say that the character from Sanyukt, Tanuja was something that I was comfortable playing. 

5. Which character played by you is closer to your heart?

My favorite character is again the ‘Tanuja’ character from Sanyukt. There was an emotional scene that I needed to perform, and my director gave all the freedom. He told me to do whatever I like.

I did my scene in one take, and everybody was surprised. Once I completed my performance, the entire team started clapping. That was a heart-touching moment, and I was so happy and overwhelmed to receive such kind of response. This character is really close to my heart. 

6. What challenges/obstacles did you face in your journey so far?

When it comes to challenges, in every field, it’s there, and all of us need to face more or less. When it comes to me, I come to my set and do my work and leave. I am not at all interested in any politics that goes around.

One incident that I would like to share is in my earlier days; I was offered a role. Of course, I am not going to reveal the name where the character was removed, and no information was given to me. It was their duty as I have signed my contract with the channel and production house.

7. Who supported you to come into this field?

Well, here I would like to say that I wasn’t prepared to come to the television industry. One day my friend had a shooting in a hotel for her movie. As she was going alone, so she told me to accompany her. I was there with her, and the next day morning, she calls me up and says, that I have been selected for a role.

I was surprised to hear that. I was like which role, and I do not know anyone from the industry and what I will do. When I saw something coming towards me, I thought of giving it a try. This is how my journey started, and I am happy that I have accepted the role that was offered to me. 

8. What projects are you currently working on?

The current project that I am working on is Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai as Gayatri Goenka. The character is close to my heart because it has given so much to me.

Even though it is a supporting role, but I am in love with the character. It is close to my heart, and I love doing it. 

9. What is that one message you would give to your fans?

One message that I would like to put across to my fans is they have always loved me whatever shows I have done. I know a ‘thank you’ is a small thing to say, but I am overwhelmed to receive the response that they give every time I do a new show. 

10. What are your future plans?

When it comes to future plans, I have not decided anything. Right now, I want to concentrate on my work, and I am doing that. Nobody can predict the future, and even I have not thought anything as such. I want the best things to come up, and that’s all.  

11. What is your personal favorite performance?

My personal favorite performance is a show from Zee Tv, Sanyukt. In this show, my director has given me enough liberty to perform, and he was confident about me. 

12. If you weren’t an actor, what would you have liked to do?

If I weren’t an actor, I would have been a business tycoon as from my early days; I was doing a business management course. Not only that but also I was keen on becoming a businesswoman. And there is a proverb everyone says, if you wish for it, you get it. 

Till date, that one thing is still alive in me. I think at some point in time I will fulfill this dream as well. One more dream I had is to do a little bit of social work. Well, I don’t know, let’s see how things work out. 

Simran Khanna

13. Do you like to say anything about life?

Life is all about learning new things, and I always try to learn new things. It’s a common human nature. As a celebrity, I feel that what I learn I explore. I also love to share my learning with people who need it.

Apart from that, I feel that being a celebrity, you do not need to change yourself. People ask me how I can be so humble, and I say I am who I am. I am the same person who has not changed in these twelve years. Many celebrities are there who do not like to interact, but I am not like them. What I think is being a celebrity does not change my real identity. 

14. Is there a role you have not played but would like to someday?

Yes, I have never played a negative role, but I would love to play it. I have been approached in the past, but I could not do it. I would love to break the chain, but I am not interested in playing the harsh kind of negative roles. 

15. Which of your roles were the most challenging for you to capture?

When it comes to my roles, I have done all sugar-quoted characters. Yes, Jhansi Ki Rani and Shri Krishna were a bit challenging as I needed to do stunts.

It was also challenging to play the character in a heavy dress with long hair. I also faced some strain on my wrist, but at the end of the day, I enjoyed it. 

So, these were the excerpts of our conversation with the highly talented actress Simran Khanna. We wish her all the luck with her upcoming projects!

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