Satweek And Neha Wedding Story

Satweek And Neha Wedding Story

Facebook has been a great platform to be in touch with your old friends. Not only that, but many people start chatting on messenger, and friendships and relationships start developing. Satweek and Neha are one such couple, who first began talking on 20th October 2018 on messenger. They were a member of a common community group. Satweek was the first one to text Neha when he was traveling from Patna to Bangalore. Patna is his hometown, and luckily Neha got convinced to meet him at a café for a cup of coffee. 

The wedding date

Satweek And Neha

This is how their story started, and in the first meeting itself, both Neha and Satweek liked each other’s company. They were so into each other that Neha and Satweek met for eight days after that. On 14th February 2019, Satweek proposed to Neha, and she said yes. After that, their family got to know about them. One morning a few of her relatives and Neha’s brother came to Satweek’s house, and then all preparations for the marriage started. 

They decided the theme will be pastel, and the date of the wedding was fixed for 28th November 2019. By that time, they had completed one year of knowing each other. 

Planning for the wedding

Neha works as a Business analyst at JP Morgan and Satweek is the COO & co-founder of Kraftstar Management. The wedding was planned by Kraftstar and took place in Satweek’s home town Patna. The venue was Janki Villa Palace, and it is a mesmerizing location. Both of their attires were designed by Manyawar, and on 27th November, they had Sangeet and Mehendi. 

On 28th November, they did Tilak, Baraat Jaymala, and Wedding. Everybody enjoyed Satweek and Neha wedding Day, and Kraftstar planned it pretty well. The decoration was unique, and it is something that you will remember for a long time. Neha and Satweek were looking stunning, wearing Manyawar’s attire. Their journey for eternity began, and we wish them all the luck!

Aastha Jha
Founder and CEO at The Wedding Journal


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