Ruhi Chaturvedi – Shivendra Om Sainiyol Wedding

Wedding is the most special occasion for everyone, so it goes without saying that a couple will want to start their journey grandly. Well, Ruhi Chaturvedi and Shivendra Om Sainiyol are no different. As celebrity couples, these two left no stone unturned in planning their wedding in an exquisite way! Let’s check out how Ruhi & Shivendra Wedding event was arranged and how all the celebrations took place!

The back story

Ruhi Chaturvedi is from Mumbai, and Shivendra Om Sainiyol is from Jaipur and they know each other for roughly 15 years. She saw him for the first time at a gym where she went with a couple of friends. She was quite impressed with Shivendra when she saw him for the first time. Even now, after so long, she remembers which machine he was working out on and what he was wearing. It is the first time they saw each other, and he knew that some girls were watching him, but he didn’t have the guts to come and speak with them, neither did she. 

Ruhi Chaturvedi - Shivendra Om Sainiyol Wedding

The first introduction

One day, one of Ruhi’s friends introduced both of them, which is the time when she realized that it is the same guy. They both were hanging around with the same bunch of people, but they were not talking. They probably did not like each other’s vibes, and practically they hated each other. 

If their friends used to plan any trip, they both used to think about why this person is here. Ruhi used to think that he is quite stupid and mannerless, while Shivendra used to think she was too arrogant. 

How it all started? 

Years passed by, and they both were in the same friend circle, but they never spoke. And after some time they lost touch and five years back, they worked on a project together. When she met Shivendra, she was taken aback by seeing him. He was a different guy, and it was a total 360-degree turn. His nature, the way he spoke or conducted himself was different, and in these years, maybe Ruhi must also have grown. 

But still, she thinks that she is the same person who used to talk a lot and was too stupid. She feels like she lived in her cocoon. Shivendra claims that he has noticed something different in her, which no one else did. That’s why; he made the initiative to ask Ruhi out, and from there, they started talking again and started dating. 

Shivendra – A new person!

With time, he has become a calm and composed person, which he wasn’t. He has become a supportive person and made sure that Ruhi goes for auditions. He always pushed her to perform better whenever she used to feel low. Shivendra was always there with her and encouraged her to give her best. 

Ruhi Chaturvedi - Shivendra Om Sainiyol Wedding

On the Mountain top

Two years back, Ruhi and Shivendra went to Himachal on the New Year, and she has never seen snow. So, when they reach there, it was 31st night, but no snowfall was there. On 1st January, when they woke up, they saw the entire place was covered with snow. Ruhi felt it was like a Yash Raj set, and being a filmy person, she wore a saree, went on the mountain top, and shot a small music video. 

That’s the time when Shivendra proposed to her as he has planned everything from before. She always wanted something filmy, and he exactly did like that. 

Time to inform the parents

Even after that, their parents were not aware of their relationship. They might know something, but they have never confronted about it. One day one of Ruhi’s uncle, who is fond of Shivendra called him and asked do you like Ruhi? Would you like to spend your life with her? 

He was surprised, and he said that he was about to talk about the same thing with them. Shivendra told them that he has made everything easier for him. After that, Ruhi’s uncle spoke to her dad, and her dad then got in touch with Shivendra’s family. This is how the family got to know and how the wedding preparation started. 

The wedding rituals!

Ruhi Chaturvedi’s marriage was like a full filmy Shaadi with Mehendi, and sangeet happening in presence of her friends. The wedding location was Nazar Baug Palace in Jaipur. For the Mehendi function, she wore her mother’s wedding outfit, and for that, she got only a new blouse stitched. The Mehendi rituals were like a Yash Raj movie, and all her friends, family members were present on the wedding day. 

Ruhi & Shivendra love story

The wedding!

The wedding dress was from Annus_Creation, and the makeup was done by Rajan Chauhan. He does her make up for her show as well, and the hairstylist was from Jaipur. The entire wedding was taken care of by Bobbish Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. from Jaipur. The best part of the wedding was when she came dancing towards the baraat. 

The reception!

Everything was done as per the rituals, and Ruhi always wanted to wear Swapnil Shinde’s outfit for her reception. He is a dear friend of Ruhi and did the outfit for her. Both of them danced together on the reception night, and they enjoyed the party to the fullest. From the day she got married till today, she does not feel like she is married. She said that it feels like she is staying with her best friend. Every day she gets one or the other things to learn from him. She feels that he is the best thing that has happened to her. 

Ruhi & Shivendra Wedding story

A happy life!

Shivendra loves her family more than anything else and is always there for them. And Ruhi’s dad loves Shivendra more than her, and she does not have any idea how that happened. The best part of the wedding was all her friends were there whom they both know for the past 15 years with Ruhi’s new friends. 

In the end!

Well, this was the wedding story of Ruhi Chaturvedi and Shivendra Om Sainiyol, who probably hated each other but ended up getting married. They support each other to the fullest and are always there for their family. The arrangements, events, and everything was perfect in a full filmy style just the way Ruhi probably might have dreamt of. Here’s wishing them ‘All the Best’ for their ‘Happily Ever After’!

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