Reception Stage Decoration Ideas

Whenever we enter a wedding reception hall, the first thing we notice is the unique decoration concepts. By running an eye throughout the entire décor, you could make out how the wedding is going to be. Also, a stunning reception decoration will make the pictures of the couples amazing. Thus in this era of Instagram, both bride and groom never want old and out-of-fashion decoration ideas. They are always in search of something which will be different and fresh and will reflect their personality, taste, and story. So to offer you some reception stage decoration ideas, we have put together the photos that will show you which dream decoration you might want for your wedding

1. Surreal and straight out of fairytale marriage reception decoration:

2. Go glam with the pop-up of the bright-coloured marriage decoration with some pastel and white flowers:

3. Traditional and royal Indian wedding stage decoration resembling envision:

4. Classy and simple reception stage decoration:

5. Go for a starry night-inspired reception stage decoration to celebrate the festivity:

6. Classic and old school décor with golden arches, curtains, enormous sofa, and flowers:

7. Gazebo-styled reception stage cum mandap decoration acts as a money saviour:

8. Candlelit elegant reception stage décor with white drape and flowers:

9. Royal Indian Themed reception stage decoration with a blue and paisley backdrop:

10. Light up the reception stage decoration with floral décor and amber or gold lights:

11. Graceful and elegant stage décor with crystal chandeliers, golden sofas, and white flowers:

12. Grand wedding reception stage resembling an old palace with sheer beauty:

13. This reception stage idea represents vibrancy, greenery, and freshness within a single frame:

14. A Soft tone reception stage that speaks for elegant yet simple décor:

15. Rich and colourful vibe stage embellishment with the red and blue combination:

16. Tasteful and minimal stage decoration with the graceful combination of white and pink:

17. Larger than life and dramatic stage décor with exquisite golden light and flowers:

18. Yellow reception stage decoration, ideal for couples who are fond of marigolds:

19. Floral and grandiose stage decoration ideal for receptions that occur in an enormous open place:

20. Pink and white flower canopy mandap decoration with some eye-catching options:

21. A grandeur reception stage with giant chandeliers adding grace to the decoration:

Final Words

Thus in this blog, we have covered the extravagant to the most simple reception stage decoration ideas that you can include in your dream wedding. So let us know which one you have selected for your dream night!

Aastha Jha
Founder and CEO at The Wedding Journal


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