Pastel Theme Decor: How Is It Gaining Grounds For Weddings?

The Pastel Theme Decoration has become the brand-new fad in Indian wedding decorations for all the right reasons. The majority of the millennial duos are contending for sumptuous and rich pastel hues because of the internal finesse and purity it delivers. These sublime and soft shades merge perfectly with each other to lend a cohesive and refined appearance. The pastel theme decor can give birth to remarkable table settings, breathtaking mandaps, and gigantic stages. Many of the pastel theme decor for Weddings are immersed with ivory and pink, but some of the furnishings also carry powder blues, turquoise, peaches, and lavenders. 

The importance of pastel theme weddings

Pastel used to be a symbol of affluence for the aristocrats. But these days, they are now embraced by the laymen as well. Indian weddings are known to be grand and big, which means it contains lots of golden decorations. But the sophistication and elegance, which pastel contains are much higher than any other wedding décor. Couples are switching from the rich and bold to the soft and elegant hues for their ultimate wedding decoration.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many couples had to compromise their dream weddings. But you can quickly take care of these challenges with pastel style decorations. Pastel theme decor will allow you to reimagine things in an exciting, venturesome, and fresh way. Creating a home-based wedding with a pastel-theme decoration will enable you to conduct your wedding ceremonies without a hassle. 

Pastel shades are used for wedding invitations. Hues such as pink, lilac, baby blue, and peaches are ideal for the invitation cards. For the floral arrangements, pastel-colored flowers placed on delicate glass bowls or bronze bowls will add a touch of glamor to the solemn wedding. It will make a wedding venue appear brighter, elegant, and beautiful. 

Pastel-theme wedding décor ideas that you must know of

If you have planned to get hitched and want a pastel-them wedding décor, you must take a look at the décor ideas that are listed below. It will give you the chance to create a wedding decoration that will suit your needs. Check it out!

  1. Multi-hued drapes: The multi-hued drapes will look fabulous for sitting lounges. You can use drapes that come in shades of ivories, organs, and pinks. It will make the area appear beyond beautiful and eye-catching.
  2. Dome-like installation: When you have decided to go all pastel for your wedding decoration, try to add something unique, for example, a dome right over your head. You can decorate the dome with pastel colors of powder blues, peaches, and pinks, which will enhance the beauty of the wedding venue. You can also provide some pink, ivory, and light-yellow flowers on the borders of the dome.
  3. Bohemian-style Mehendi setup: Using pastel colors such as whites, powder blues, and baby pinks will enable you to create a Coachella-style decoration. It will not just give your Mehendi setup a stunning makeover but also make the entire event more exciting and fun. You can also add white or ivory-colored dreamcatcher adornments to enhance the look. 
  4. Pastel for the lounges: The sitting area is the main place that attracts plenty of guests. To make the lounge beautiful and fresh, you can pastel-colored drapes and linens. You can use pastel-color table sheets and cover the background with golden or silver metallic colors to make the area unique and attractive. For the table decoration, you can place some light-colored flowers or transparent glass bottles filled with lights. 
  5. A soothing combination of white and green: Green and white combinations can sound weird for wedding decorations. But it’s something that you can give a try if you want an out of this world wedding décor. Decorating your wedding venue with white and green drapes along with canopies will be a treat to the eyes. The decoration will give you a smooth, calm, and relax feeling with a hint of excitement and fun. 
  6. Lavender overdose: Lavender is one of the best shades for pastel-themed wedding décor. It has ruled the bridal fashion senses for a long time, but now it has paved its way into the realm of wedding décor. You can decorate the entrance of your wedding venue with pink and lavender to make it look marvelous. The lavender will blend perfectly with the surroundings and make the area look bright and fresh.
Pastel Theme Decoration
Pastel Theme Decoration

Summing Up!

Pastel-themed wedding decorations are currently in high demand. It’s pretty unique, beautiful, and gives out an elegant and royal feeling. You can decorate the perfect wedding venue with pastel colors and items according to your taste and style.

Aastha Jha
Founder and CEO at The Wedding Journal


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