One of the unique weddings: Same-Sex Wedding of a multiracial couple in Virginia

Recently a multiracial couple got married in an intimate wedding ceremony with the presence of their close family members and friends. This same-sex marriage can be truly considered elegant and an amazing marriage performed in the town. The couple has truly celebrated the interracial vision and had indeed come up with amazing celebrations while celebrating and bidding bye to the LGBTQ myths.

This same-sex marriage in Virginia can be truly known as one of the best offbeat weddings that have been performed in recent days.

We have been always cherishing and embracing those off trends and off-beats celebrations and norms and this wedding of Sarika Modi and Gera Ruth has allowed us to celebrate our thoughts and appreciate this offbeat wedding of the same-sex couple. We are sending both of them a stroke of good luck and good wishes for their happily married life. May God bless and deliver all the joy and happiness to the one who embraced the “truth” of life rather than appreciating the “myths and orthodoxies” of the society.  

This love story is all kind of elegant and unique! No doubt! The two have proved what love actually is!

The couple Sarika Modi and Gera Ruth indeed have prioritized their love for each other over any other circumstances and situations and probably this is the reason why we shared all our attention to them and why did they catch our consideration and focus. We won’t skip the remembrance of the couple anytime when we ponder on love over anything. 

Sarika Modi’s and Gera Ruth’s wedding also embraced the inter-caste factor. As one of them is from the Hindu community and the other has been born and bought up in a Christian community, the couple has been found celebrating their wedding rituals combining both cultures and they performed all those ceremonial rituals at a Potter’s craft Cider club in Virginia the celebration was afterwards followed by outdoor wedding rituals which were more magical, as we found the glimpses we can indeed say, they are truly giving us goals to break the pointless norms of the societies and castes. 

 If you are wondering about the wedding looks of the couple and how they wore the attire for their special day celebrations. We got you a brief about their attire and the looks as well. 

We have embraced this same-sex wedding a lot and genuinely wanted to spread more about these unique wedding celebrations of the same-sex couple, thus got you a brief. 

Wedding Appearances of the couple 

Both Sarika Modi and Gera Ruth have embraced their wedding rituals by considering their caste and culture as well. Sarika is from Hindu background thus, she wore the attire in red to perform the rituals, on the other hand, coming from the christen background, Gera can be found in the white elegant appearance. That white gown and blood-red jumpsuit are enough to catch the attention of audiences. 


The couple can be found celebrating their caste rituals as well. We would find them wearing manglesutra and taking the “chaar pheres” together. These performances added stars to the celebrations. What added more charm to the celebration, was both the brides had applied mehandi on their hands and wore bangles. 

The couple has truly given us something to steal inspiration from these brides. They indeed found rocking in the white and red outfits.

The entire celebration has the charm to embrace, but what has caught our attention was the couple embracing rituals, the way they performed chaar pheres on the madap and how they did light hawan kund. We can’t skip adoring this unique same-sex wedding. 

Afterwards comes the reception ceremonies, 

The couple after that has performed reception and the guests can be found wearing masks and taking precautions and safety measures. The couple did take all our attention and indeed proved the significance of LOVE!

Aastha Jha
Founder and CEO at The Wedding Journal


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One of the unique weddings: Same-Sex Wedding of a multiracial couple in Virginia

Recently a multiracial couple got married in an intimate wedding ceremony with the presence of their close family members and friends. This...