Exclusive Interview with Ombre

Ombre by Harsheen Jammu has created loads of wedding films all over India. Their unique narrative that represents the style and personality of every couple is something to look out for. They aim to capture the real action and emotion of the wedding through their photography and cinematography.

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As IIM Graduate, Harsheen is widely recognized for artistic color tones and dreamy imagery. Her immense zeal to get the detail right has won her many hearts and awards. She is the Fujifilm, Profoto Mentor for India. She has recently developed an interest in photography education and has been on the panel of PEP India, Fujifilm Workshops, and India Photopedia. Her work has been featured in several publications, including Fearless Photographers, Vogue Italia, The Luxury Collection, WeddingSutra, and WedmeGood.

We invited Harsheen Jammu, Founder of Ombre by Harsheen Jammu for an interview with us to know more about her entrepreneurial journey.

1. Tell us about your company.

The fleeting moments at a wedding are filled with magic, excitement, and joy and we are the ones who ensure that these emotions are seized using our cameras. Our skilled team believes in making the most of their creative talents and translating the couple’s big day into tangible memories that they are sure to cherish forever.

Each of our photographs depicts keen attention to detail and commendable intuitiveness which together impart an arresting quality to their work. Owing to our deep passion to produce the finest pictures that do justice to every emotion seen at the celebrations, we give all that we have got to each wedding and the final product is like no other.

2. What’s your competitive advantage and why can’t it be copied?

We feel that art is unique to every individual. Every artist has its own style and it cant be mass replicated as every art piece is different from one another. And this is the competitive advantage every artist has. We feel lucky that our imagery is well-liked.

3. What challenges/obstacles did you face in your journey so far?

The biggest challenge we face is the standardization of the product. Every wedding has a different ambiance, people, music, vibe, event duration, emotion, and most of all dedicated time. And hence every wedding imagery is different. Having the right set of teams/people has helped us overcome this with a strong pre-production system in place.

4. What are your expansion plans?

In such an unprecedented time, we are not thinking of expansion. Rather we are focussing on sustainability and scaling up the business by targeting or rather say finding a clientele who find favorites among our favorites, common likings, and are well acquainted with our style.

5. Tell our audience more about your failures? How should one bounce back?

Let’s not call them failures but obstacles. And honestly, there have been many. Right from the point, I chose this as a career to the point I have been asked to be a jury member for awards. One mantra I have always followed is that I believe that ‘I believe in myself and a little persuasion and improvisation will make others believe in me’. I have always been a stern believer of ‘What got me here is not going to get me there’. This motivates me to improve myself with every passing day and hence overcome the obstacles.

6. How do you define success?

Success for me is sleeping peacefully at night with the desired amount of hours which of course comes after a productive day only.

7. Please share with us some of the challenges you faced in your journey.

The biggest challenged we faced was team building and finding the right set of people who are coachable and whose thought processes align with ours.

8. What would advice to someone starting up and particularly to women entrepreneurs?

To be prepared mentally and physically for the hardships. It is not an easy job. It’s not just about making photos but also understanding the business aspect of it. The biggest advantage/comfort I have is my life partner, Agam. He completes me and my flaws.

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