Ombre – A Visual Artistic photography & cinematography company

We aren’t here to merely provide you with the memories of a lifetime. We aren’t here to merely provide you with pictures that would be cherished in its eternity. We are here to pause the moments. We simply want you to smile and keep on smiling. Life is short; it has to be spectacular and splendid!

The memories withers into the slivers of faint hope of reliving the days; while we ensure that these memories have enough for you to immerse into! We believe in classic beauty and original ideas. We believe in memories and moments and all the tiny unforgettable things that happen in between. 

Ombre was founded by an IIM graduate Harsheen Jammu in 2016. Ombre has an in-house team of over 15 people ranging from photographers, cinematographers, editors, and designers.

It has been featured in several national and international publications. Proclaiming ourselves to be a crew of adept and flair members would be a trumped-up statement. It’s just a bunch of passionate people, wherein every inch of our body burns fiercely to get that detail, composure, and focus. We’re immensely zealous and that is essentially what makes us and our brand – artistic and imaginative.

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