Most Luxurious Wedding Venues in the World

After turning to the world of online dating apps to going on a blind date, looking for time to solve relationships woes to finding the best location where you and your partner can tie the knot, these are perhaps the best feeling that will stay in your memories for a long time. You have ultimately found the best man in your life and the feeling is surreal! After that all the other things are history! Now you must be looking for a luxurious wedding location where you can fulfill your dream of getting married to the love of your life. To end up the big day exactly how you wish to, take a look at the Most Luxurious Wedding Venues in the World.

Borgo Finocchieto, Tuscany

Known as one of the best places in Italy where a lot of celebrities get married! It is situated in the vineyards of Tuscany and is the most beautiful 13th-century fort that takes only half an hour from the Florence hotel of Italy. It comprises 5 villa houses that have the capacity to accommodate 44 guests in 22 rooms. The couple can enjoy all sorts of celebrations starting from the engagement ceremony to the wedding rituals. 

Borgo Finocchieto,Tuscany
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Oberoi Udaivilas, Udaipur, India

Selecting the right place for a destination wedding is not an easy task. Oberoi Udaivilas in Udaipur is ranked to be one of the best places to have a luxurious wedding. Enjoying the spa offered by the best 5-star resort to receiving the king style services to having the amazing cuisines, you will enjoy each moment. Needless to say, Oberoi Udaivilas, Udaipur is one of the best wedding destinations to get married. The architecture of the resort has a great view of Pichola Lake along with hand stone columns. Here the weddings are of king style size!

Oberoi Udaivilas, Udaipur
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Chateaux Vaux-le-Vicomte, Maincy, France 

On the French chateau, the 17th-century historical place is located among 1200 acre park that is available at a 5-hour rental only. There is no better place if you and your partner are deciding to have a ballroom style wedding. It is having a 17th-century style garden with intricate architecture, candles, furniture, etc. & This is why Chateaux Vaux-le-Vicomte is one of the Most Luxurious Wedding Venues in the World.

Chateaux Vaux-le-Vicomte,France
Most Luxurious Wedding Venues in the World
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Little Palm Island, Florida

Wishing to have a private as well as a grand wedding, Little Palm Island in Florida is the best place. The wedding ceremonies will be held on the sand in between the island or at the end of sunset dock. One of the best wedding destinations indeed!  Get married in one of these best wedding destinations! That’s the right way to start your married life and to create beautiful memories with your love!

little palm island, little palm island florida
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