Mehendi Ceremony | How To Create An Attractive Décor

Mehendi Ceremony decoration at home is undeniably the most important aspect of a Mehendi ceremony. Before a wedding, Mehendi decoration is one of the unmissable attractions for a would-be bride.

However, with time, trends in Mehendi decorations have undergone a significant change. The time of Mehendi is a fun event for the blushing bride as she gets a chance to interact with his close-knit ones.

Creating an attractive Mehendi décor is something every girl wishes. With the emergence of new themes and distinctive styles, the artistry aspect is slowly getting embedded in a Mehendi decoration. Some of the popular Mehendi décor ideas are listed below:

  1. Pastel themed swing: For crafting a mesmerizing Mehendi décor in your garden, you need to make arrangements of beautiful swings ornamented under a tree with ridges of purple and pink. You can also incorporate marigold parrot figures to do justice to this beautiful backdrop.
Mehendi Ceremony

2. Floral canopy Mehendi decoration: If you have a fascination with floral decorations, this is the appropriate one for you.

Floral canopy Mehendi decoration is particularly apt for a small indoor space. It is also quite pocket-friendly than others.

Mehendi Ceremony

3. Genda Phool decorations: This is another Mehendi décor theme you can try if you are worried about costs. Genda Phool is a very common flower and you don’t need to work hard to gain access to it.

If you have a huge open space in your area, this grand Mehendi decoration style can’t get better.

Mehendi Ceremony

4. Spacious and lively Mehendi décor idea: Posting snaps of Mehendi ceremony on Instagram and Facebook is a preferred option for many. A Mehendi décor ceremony on a lawn can give you the most exquisite pictures.

It is even better if you make seating arrangements on the lawn so that your guests can enjoy the function.

Mehendi Ceremony

5. Mehendi decoration with tents and seating: Would-be brides who are craving for a cool, breezy, and outdoor Mehendi function can opt for this one.

Some arrangements of spacious tents with brilliant throw pillows can boost the aura of the event.

Mehendi Ceremony

6. Extravagant Mehendi decoration for a grand function: Mandap-style Mehendi décor ceremony is also very popular, especially among Marwaris. Not an exaggeration, it is no less than a wedding.

It is particularly applicable if you have a long list of guests. Vibrant charpais coupled with inverted umbrellas on the ceiling make the Mehendi function photogenic in more ways than one.

Mehendi Ceremony

Hanging décor ideas

  1. Streamers décor for your Mehndi Ceremony: Are you looking for one of the finest and easiest DIY options to embellish your home for your Mehndi? If yes, then, streamers are the perfect option for you. Tie almost every nook and cranny of your house with colorful streamers and witness a jaw-dropping resplendence all about. 
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2. How about a floral wreath using a Hula Hoop? Tie a Hula Hoop with a bunch of vibrant flowers. This is an impeccable decoration idea when it comes to your Mehndi ceremony. Tie up the Hula Hoop with ribbons at several spots to add a hint of aesthetic appeal to your task. 

Create that faultless pictorial backdrop by executing this décor idea effectively. 

G:\Penning down\Debaanuj Work\TREE project 01-10-2020\added word counts\Pic 31.jpg

3. Go for a brightly colored tassel: Many people have an inexplicable fondness for tassels. Do you know that there are some brilliant ideas to optimize this decorative item for your Mehndi ceremony?

You simply need to hang the tassels from the ceiling. Alternatively, you can also make a tassel backdrop in the sitting area if you wish. 

G:\Penning down\Debaanuj Work\TREE project 01-10-2020\added word counts\Pic 32.jpg

4. Manually painted tea kettles are simply superb: If you have artistic traits in you, then your Mehndi ceremony is the perfect event to explore them. Purchase small tea kettles and color them the way you please.

After this hang these tea kettles all about your home’s entrance. Rest assured that your buddies, acquaintances, and family will simply fall for it. 

G:\Penning down\Debaanuj Work\TREE project 01-10-2020\added word counts\Pic 33.jpg

5. Opt for a Mason jar décor idea: Mason jars are extremely versatile in terms of variants. This has made it one of the trendiest DIY décor components for your Mehndi event.

You simply need to fill them up with lights or baby’s breath flowers, that’s all. Then, hang them from the trees nearby your garden area.

G:\Penning down\Debaanuj Work\TREE project 01-10-2020\added word counts\Pic 34.jpg

6. A puppetry décor idea can also be implemented: Puppets also called kathputli is a perfect combination of a modern yet traditional décor idea. Cast a spell of magic on your Mehndi event by implementing a DIY puppetry décor idea.

You can integrate them under umbrellas or simply hang them on trees. Create a magical aura on the occasion of your Mehndi by giving this décor idea a try. 

G:\Penning down\Debaanuj Work\TREE project 01-10-2020\added word counts\Pic 35.jpg

7. Fabulous Mehndi décor ideas with buckets: The ordinary buckets which we use for washing can be optimized for your Mehndi’s decoration. All you need to do for that is to fetch a number of printed buckets from the market.

After that hang these buckets all about your house. You can serve flavored drinks with these buckets or simply decorate them flowers whichever option you prefer more. This décor idea will give an unconventionally discerning appearance to the event of your Mehndi. 

G:\Penning down\Debaanuj Work\TREE project 01-10-2020\added word counts\Pic 36.jpg

Millennials crave for uniqueness in their Mehendi ceremony. The above approaches in Mehendi decoration highlight how today’s generation is going head over heels to give a concrete shape to their idiosyncratic preferences.

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