Manisha Porwal Chouraria | An Event Stylist & Wedding Planner

  1. Tell us something about yourself and your company.

A brain-child of Manisha Porwal Chouraria, whose mind sheds creativity and innovation runs in the blood, she offers experiences unforgettable. She has been an event and wedding planner by profession for over five years and holds a high passion for creating tailored experiences and moments. She’s a planner, a doer, thinker, creator, perfectionist, and an artist. 

The eponymous brand was launched in 2015 by Manisha Porwal Chouraria, parlaying her experience in the field and her passion for event décor and styling into her own company. Also Known as Colour Palette Productions. With creativity and innovation in her blood, she excels in creating bespoke experiences. Whether it’s simple, clean and eco-chic, or over-the-top glam, Manisha and her team promise to make your wedding unforgettable.

At her wedding, Manisha managed her dual role of the bride & official wedding planner with great panache and a little help from her groom. The couple finalized everything from the overarching themes to the tiniest elements of décor, adding personalized touches as they proceeded.

2. Who are we what we do?

We are the people who make sure it’s done with elegance & style

From Conception to creation, we guide you through each step of the process to make your theme is unique and personalized. 

Convinced that every detail is important, we pay attention to the style of your event. We offer tailored services like Vendor Management, Show flow, Transport & Logistics, Wedding Entertainment, Wedding Stationery & Signage’s, Invitations, Menu program, Favors, Seating chart, Styling & Personal Shopper and On-Site support staff.

Our Services

“Be A Guest At Your Own Wedding”

  1. Décor Design and Execution

With our expertise in decor designing, we will together conceptualize your wedding decor. We will assist with creating, finalizing, and executing a detailed wedding decor look.

2. Vendor Management:   

Constant co-ordination with all booked vendors for seamless on-time execution, follow up and cross-checking to adhere to all pre-stated requirements

3. Hospitality and Guest Management:

We will handle the entire hospitality and logistics of the wedding where our efficient team will manage right from RSVP, ground transportation, airport/ train station welcome, rooming list, hotel stay, Internal transfers and departures ensuring maximum comfort & convenience for you and your guests.

4. Wedding Collaterals

Our designers will create the most beautiful Wedding logo, save the dates, Wedding Invites and other wedding stationery like Itineraries, Welcome Cards, and Room tags, etc giving your guest a feel of coming to a well thought of wedding.

5. Event Timeline Management

We believe that planning and managing a budget is one of the key components of a wedding and therefore assist you in determination and breakdown of the said budget.

6. Wedding Entertainment:

From live musicians to DJs, Aerial acts to Bollywood Singers from belly dancers to cultural dancers, from Nasik Dhol to Kerala Traditional drums, our team will recommend and help you hire services of the most amazing entertainers. 

7. Wedding Videography and Photography

We understand how pristine and important each moment of your wedding holds, for these are once-in-lifetime jewel moments, and you’d kill to relive the same memories all over again, we will find you Wedding Videography and Photography teams who are responsive to the feelings and promise to deliver the best that you deserve.

8. Licenses and Permissions:

You need not worry about this as we will manage all required permissions & licenses for the various wedding parties and events.

3. What’s your competitive advantage and why can’t it be copied?

“I understand there is immense competition in the industry I belong to, and it’s easy to be replicated. But while all tangible things & services can be replicated, the experience we give to our customers can never be replicated” . 

As a design company, every wedding we create takes a lot of time- fleshing out each detail and micromanaging every small element, which is why we only design ten weddings a year. The truth is our clients don’t come to us because we design the best weddings in the country – they hire us because we believe in the same principles- of sustainability, authenticity, being personal and true to yourself.”

Making dreams come true is a real job and we as a team take this seriously. Team M is filled with style-conscious people who create authentic gatherings and celebrations that are completely design-led. We focus on Meticulous Planning, Designing, and Conceptualizing & Executing the Entire Event with utmost love and dedication and have planned spectacular weddings across Bangalore, Mysore, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Hampi. Our team will make sure that we weave characters and personalities to create an atmosphere that feels nothing less than a dream for you. 

4. How do you define success?

The best way to plan a wedding is from the perspective of someone attending it. People plan and design the most beautiful weddings and completely overlook the needs of the guests we are hosting it for.

Very often we get so involved in planning the micro details that we miss that this is a celebration. The most important thing is for the family to hand over everything before the wedding and truly enjoy themselves. A close second would be to account for what the guests need, ensuring that they are comfortable and game for all that you have planned for them.

5. Tell our audience more about your failures? How should one bounce back?

“This is an extremely demanding field where mistakes are not only frowned upon but are not expected. It looks quite glamorous from the outside but creative decor and good food is just the start of any event. Everyone plans the most immaculate event in their heads, making it a reality is upon us and we enjoy it the most! It opens me up as a person and allows me to keep giving my best.”

Space out your functions, provide sufficient seating, create experiences that engage guests, and induce conversations. Think about the food and what you and your family enjoy eating as opposed to what is fashionable to serve. Be comfortable in your clothes so you can enjoy your wedding, spend less time getting dressed and more time at the functions.

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