Mandap- South Indian Version

A South Indian style wedding has always been known for its vast decor ideas and vibrant flowers.

It has always been a very magical event, especially because it’s a dream for many to have a perfect wedding.

A simple venue, totally changed into one of the most beautiful spaces has won the hearts of many.

One of the most important things in the entire pomp would be the mandap.

It’s the place that unites the couple, and the place that has to look perfect for the pictures too.

Decorating and making it perfect, itself is a task.

One of the most famous or ever-existent ones is the one with Marigold Hangings. It gives it a traditional, yet very captivating look.

The wedding planners favourite, the marigold flowers, when put together with bells or some metals totally brings in some more aesthetics.

Another very famous decor involves Fairy Lights and Chandeliers, a decor persistent for ages. 

For giving perfect sparkle vibes in a wedding.

Creating a very beautiful look, especially the one that looks perfect under a night sky.

Not just these, but even a decor completely made out of light bulbs gives a romantic, yet a perfect place for getting amazing pictures clicked because of its lighting.

The next option, other than marigold flowers, for any South Indian wedding, is the mogra or jasmine flowers. Let it be just its aesthetic look because of its colour, or even the smell that’s been an identity to describe South Indians, Mogra has been a part of history.

The flower, hanging all around the mandap or even near the place where guests sit is always a sight to behold.

Bamboo has also been a good thing that can be used. A small bamboo mandap, with mogra or even lotus, that’s considered auspicious makes it a dreamy one.

Even a wedding decor, with colourful drapes around the entire mandap, makes it a good one for people who prefer colourful or bright decor.

Since a South Indian marriage doesn’t really go for dull shades, yet when it comes to a destination wedding, and a broad-minded family, few even prefer pastel decor, which might include flowers, clothes or drapes.

Another favourite of the South Indians is either the colour gold or a simple decoration with the banana plantation.

All these, when considered and thought about, gives the bride and the groom a perfect solution to get in the most perfect and dreamy decor, this making their day a memorable one.

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Aastha Jha
Founder and CEO at The Wedding Journal


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