Mandap Decoration: Styles That Will Blow You Away

Wedding mandap – where the true magic happens! Be it the lights or the flowers or the furniture, the Mandap Decoration ideas must be breathtakingly beautiful as well as photogenic. Select an impressive one from the mandap ideas given below so that it can draw everyone’s attraction.

A wedding mandap is a place where the shots are clicked and framed. Let’s not waste time and dig in more to know about various mandap ideas.

  • Royal mandap decoration idea

When you think about royal mandap ideas, it means a domed structure, royal seating places, and red sandstones structures in an outdoor place.

The structures are decorated with flowers such as red roses or marigolds, etc. 

  • Floral canopy in the springs

Decorating the wedding mandap with floral forests, a floral canopy or with floral chandeliers is the best option for those who love to have a wedding mandap decorated with natural flowers.

Click as many shots as you can in this wedding mandap. 

  • For majestic forest feel, sculpted Nordic forest

Did you ever image blooms that are sculpted around the branches and trees? It is one of the enchanting mandap ideas that you can try. It is only possible if you wish to have an outdoor wedding in the woods.

It will also give a natural look to your mandap. 

  • A waterfront theme to create a mirage effect

A sheer perfect theme! Did you ever imagine a structure covered with rose petals that are mirrored in the water? It will give a royal Rajasthan look with gold work as well as hanging canopies mirrored by the water bodies.


It will give an impression of double royal mandaps. 

  • Lotus mandap decorating ideas

A stellar mandap decoration idea! From various crafted ones, this lotus mandap idea will go over the top. Lotus that is placed at the center of the mandap will highlight your pictures when you click around it. 


  • Minimal mandap structures

When it comes to the wedding industry, minimalism is a trend that is going to stay with the people for a long time. Some professionals create minimal bridal jewelry, minimal wedding mandap, minimal Mehandi designs, etc.

It helps in bringing the focus back to the bride and groom.

  • Having a green mandap

The green mandap is a decoration created with no or little flowers. These are highlighted in contrast colors. It also helps the color bridal lehengas to stand out and is one of the eco-friendly wedding styles.

  • A white floral structure

This is a match made in heaven’s theme! The white jasmines, mogras to rajnigandhas, it can be the best marriage mandap structure. It adds elegance and freshness to all setups.

  • Repurpose indoor ideas

You have mandap ideas but are not having enough space. Gets the same look by repurposing it in the marriage hall or banquet hall? 

  • Romantic beach mandap

A dome structure as a part of mandap will give a royal and aesthetic look along with the beautiful light pink peach flowers. 

indian wedding stage decoration ideas

So, these are some of the mandap ideas that will make your wedding even more memorable.

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Aastha Jha
Founder and CEO at The Wedding Journal


Mandap Decoration: Styles That Will Blow You Away

Wedding mandap – where the true magic happens! Be it the lights or the flowers or the furniture, the Mandap Decoration ideas...

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