Mandap Decor Ideas for the D-Day

Mandap Decor Ideas: Getting married according to the Indian rituals? You must be looking forward to experiencing the time where you and your life partner take the scared rounds of the pious fire, under the star or in the hall booked for this occasion.

Then you must have the most beautiful Mandap erected at your wedding venue. Here are some great décor ideas to make your Mandap look fantastic.

The approximate cost

According to the recent sources, the average costs of an Indian wedding can range from INR 2000000 to 5, 00,000,000. In it, depending upon the venue and the decorator, the budget for decoration can go from INR 30000 to 2, 00,000.

So, if you are spending so much of your hard-earned money in these arrangements, you should have the best looking Mandap for you to get married. Some of the ideas for exquisite and beautiful Mandap are given below;

  1. Royal Mandap decoration
Mandap Decor Ideas
Ideas for the D-Day

Want to have a touch of royalty in your wedding? Go for the royal-themed decoration for your special day. A simple Mandap with royal themes can have the following, sturdy and intricately decorated pillars, red carpets, golden throne-type chairs, and flowers to complete the ensemble.

Rose petals, marigolds, and jasmine can give the arrangements the perfect complementation. Strips of colorful fabric can also be a nice addition.

2. Floral-themed canopies

Mandap Decor Ideas
Ideas for the D-Day

This type of Mandap is a perfect choice for spring-themed marriages or seaside wedding. There are several equally beautiful variants of the arrangements- floral canopy, floral chandeliers, floral archways, and even floral forests.

You can use multiple-colored flowers or single types, according to your budget and the theme. Adding accessories like metal containers and pots in coordination with the seating can accentuate the aesthetics.

3. Open Mandap

Mandap Decor Ideas
Ideas for the D-Day

Got a fabulous venue to get married in? Why not make it part of the decoration? Open Mandap can be a great idea, especially if the placement has water bodies with naturally blooming flowers and trees, or at a beach with a calm and serene blue sea in the background.

Instead of adding drapes, long strands of fragrant flower garlands can make it a nice setup.

4. Elegant in white

A mandap that is decorated with white drapes festooned with ivory carnation, salmon pink roses, and ferns, makes it’s elegant and beautiful at the same time. White mandaps are pretty popular these days, as they serve as a pristine canvas for creativity and highlight the accents beautifully. White mandaps with a lush green background provide a perfect touch of elegance, simplicity, and a breathtaking appearance. 

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5. Contemporary Chic

Mandaps that are decorated with lime green and lush pink drapes along with floral backdrop and wreaths exudes femininity and freshness. This type of lighter color scheme is ideal for outdoor wedding ceremonies and cover the background with beautiful and elegant floral decoration. These types of mandaps can deliver a simple, sophisticated, and fresh look. 

G:\Penning down\Sarah Work\TREE project 01-10-2020\pic 10.jpg

6. Chandelier royalty

The glint of glass chandelier lamps and the timeless gorgeousness of flowers will blend perfectly on an arched-style mandap. These types of mandaps are pretty unique and extremely popular these days. The creation is guaranteed to light up all the proceedings of a heavy sunset wedding and will make your special day extra special and memorable. 

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7. Reflection by the poolside

Lakeside mandaps are beautiful, colorful, and charming, with streamers at the background along with flowers wreathed in an outstanding arrangement on the roof. The best part about this mandap is the reflection of the mandap on the pool, which delivers a stunning effect. You can go for pink or magenta color drapes for the mandap and add roses or pink carnations for the decoration to add extra beauty and elegance. 

G:\Penning down\Sarah Work\TREE project 01-10-2020\pic 12.jpg

8. The holy waters

For couples who believe that resort weddings are over the top, then exchanging the vows over the holy waters of the river Ganges is one of the best choices. Decorate the mandap with festive reds and yellows as it will add a genuine touch. The gurgling Ganges right below the mandap will provide natural music during the mantra concourses and will make it one of the most memorable venues. 

G:\Penning down\Sarah Work\TREE project 01-10-2020\pic 13.jpg

9. Burst of yellow

A sunny mandap that impresses with its unusual tent-like canopy, which is assembled with a flower arrangement. You can decorate the mandap with marigolds on the pillars as it will add a pop color that will distinguish excellently from the cerulean skies. This type of mandap is ideal for any background.

G:\Penning down\Sarah Work\TREE project 01-10-2020\pic 14.jpg

10. The power of peach

Peached colored mandaps add a touch of sophistication and simplicity. Opt for the best floral arrangement to match with the coral drapes of the mandap so that it delivers a remarkable appearance. These types of mandaps can be created outdoors near the poolside or with a dense green background right under the blue skies.

G:\Penning down\Sarah Work\TREE project 01-10-2020\pic 15.jpg

Seek help where needed

Marriage is one of the most special occasions in someone’s life; so the place where it becomes sanctified must also be exquisite to look at and justify the money spent.

You will have to choose your Mandap according to the theme of your wedding. It is always a good idea to ask for professional advice to improve the beauty of your wedding site.

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