Lighting with the Neon

Wedding- A most memorable moment in a couple’s life, has always needed perfection and a mix of beauty and magic.

It’s an occasion of importance and most importantly, fulfilling the choices of the bride and the groom. Not just the rituals, but even decoration has to stand out because of the much-needed pomp, and for the perfect pictures.

The current generation, not just needs vibrant stuff around, but even some mild aesthetics. Other than flowers and the usual lighting, neon lights have come under almost everyone’s wishlist.

It gives a bright glow- just the thing required at a party. It almost goes with every type of decor. For instance, for any wedding, flowers play a vital role.

May it be completely colourful flowers or the ones with light shades that are subtle, neon lights easily pair up with them and make it look like an event to remember.

Not just the background decor, but even the pillars, mandap or even just highlighting boards are perfect with these.

In fact, even sangeet or receptions are perfect occasions for these lights, as they give a different feeling when compared to the wedding ceremony.

In recent times, hashtags have become a huge trend. It includes a merge of the names of the bride and groom along with a “#”.

This is a very hyped thing, that the bridesmaids, friends and extended family hook on to.

Not just the hashtags, but even some quotes made of the neon lights are some things that one can find on these kinds of events.

Most importantly, the photo booth with neon lights props or decor to top everyone’s list.

Neon lights, put up in the entrance, as welcome light gives all a different kind of vibe.

It’s like a transition from a normal world, to a place made up just for the couple’s special day.

It enhances the sophistication level, as they aren’t that glittery like the normal fancy light, but aren’t dull to spoil the mood too.

It has become an event planners favourite as it’s one of the easiest decors, as it not only fits in with the occasion and decor but even lightens up space, as needed.

When the perfect day can include more happiness, why not more light! And why neglect anything that’s less cringe and dreamy enough to make a dream-come-true day, a more magical one with the right usage of the right lights.

Aastha Jha
Founder and CEO at The Wedding Journal



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Lighting with the Neon

Wedding- A most memorable moment in a couple's life, has always needed perfection and a mix of beauty and magic.

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