The Life And Journey Of Krishna Kaul: The Dazzling Star Of Television

There are many artists who are leaving their mark on the entertainment industry, and within them, the name of Krishna Kaul is gradually becoming a famous one. This actor came into the limelight with the series Punchbeat. He has also several famous TV series and programs under his belt. His performance on the serial Kumkum Bhagya has been liked by TV viewers and increased the number of fans among the younger generation. He has also been awarded with several accolades for his performance.

The journey till now

Krishna Kaul was born in Jammu and Kashmir on October 16, 1997. His parents, Anil and Veena Kaul, belong to the Hindu Pandit community. He has also a sister named Kashish. He is originally from Delhi, but currently staying in Mumbai for his work. His school life was spent in Greenfields Public High School, Delhi. After graduating from there, he completed his Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from the Amity University, Delhi. He came to Mumbai in search of career in show business and was selected for a role in the series Punchbeat a web-based series under the banner of Alt Balaji, and produced by Lost Boy’s production, headed by Vikas Gupta. His looks, charisma, and portrayal of the characters landed him the chance to work in series’ like MTV Roadies Real Heroes, and recently, Kumkum Bhagya. 

Krishna Kaul

The body of work

The versatility of Krishna Kaul is evident from his projects. At first, as said earlier, he debuted in a web-platform series which required him to play a macho, stereotypical male lead role. After that, he was offered a place in the MTV Roadies Real Heroes. According to him, it was a tough role as the show’s platform was non-fiction reality show. In this context, he had to put in more physical labor and mental work. He simply had to be the best in the entire task and show his true side.

In comparison, the work on the sets of Kumkum Bhagya was more relaxed. However, coming from a web series background, he soon understood that the way of work differed in television than his previous workplace. He had to give a lot of effort to fit in, and it bore fruit in the form of appreciation from the viewers as well as praise from his co-actors. He feels that his entry into the sets of this daily soap opera has taught him the nuances of acting and reading scripts. 

Actor Krishna Kaul

His fan following

The role of Ranbir in the serial has given him a lot of popularity in the young masses. He personally feels that the role is just like his persona in college, so he gets to play a part of himself in this program. His entry has been a part of generation leap in the story line, where his character was also introduced. His work has clearly enthralled the audience, as the numbers of his fans have increased exponentially. The actor is also present in the social media and regularly updates his followers about the different developments in his life. 

Krishna Kaul Actor

His popularity

Krishna is now working in the entertainment industry for quite some time. With each of his project, he has gained reputation in form of accolades and fan-following. With Punchbeat, he already had a decent fan base among the target demographic. Moreover, he garnered the appreciation of a separate group of viewers with MTV Roadies Real Heroes. With Kumkum Bhagya, he has reached into a lot bigger viewer number and made his place among other popular celebrities. He wishes to have fans from all age groups. 

Aastha Jha
Founder and CEO at The Wedding Journal


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