Kannada Wedding Rituals In Detail

A Kannada Wedding Rituals is a less elaborate affair and more about adhering to traditional rituals. Kannada weddings are usually held during the daytime and it lasts for up to 1-2 days.

This post discusses the traditional Kannada Wedding Rituals.

Nischay Tamulam

To ensure compatibility, the horoscopes of the prospective bride and groom are matched before arranging a Kannada wedding. If both the horoscopes are compatible, a date for Nischay Tamulam is fixed. As per the Kannada tradition, this event is considered equivalent to an engagement ceremony. On this day, the parents of the groom visit the bride and gifts her a platter containing saree, blouse, sweets, coconut, and fruits.

The bride’s parents also visit the groom and offer him dhoti and similar things. During the Nischay Tamulam ceremony, the date of the marriage is fixed in the presence of a priest.

Nischay Tamulam


Naandi is an event that takes place before the wedding at the bride’s place and the groom’s place as well. The family priest performs a puja so that the wedding ceremony takes place smoothly. A Kalash or a pot made of copper is filled with holy water and a coconut is placed on top. This pot with holy water represents a pot of Amrit. This ceremony is performed in order to seek god’s blessings for a happy and prosperous life for the couple. During this ceremony, the first wedding invitation is offered to Almighty.


Kaashi Yaatra

This is the most enjoyable part of a Kannada wedding. During this ceremony, the groom acts as if he is very upset because no one is finding a suitable match for him. He threatens to leave for Kaashi with a walking stick, umbrella, dhoti, some food, and spend the rest of his life as a monk. Then the groom’s maternal uncle convinces him to stay back saying that someone has been chosen for him. Hearing this, the groom decides to stay back and get married to the girl chosen for him.

Kaashi Yaatra,kannada wedding rituals


Before setting out for the bride’s place on the wedding day, the groom visits the temples in his locality and seeks blessings from the deities. Objects that are to be used during the wedding ceremony are presented in front of Lord Ganesha by the groom to seek his blessing and also purify them.

DevKarya,kannada wedding rituals

These were interesting and exciting Kannadiga wedding rituals. Some of these rituals are similar to the wedding rituals of neighboring states like Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra.

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