Jaymala Backdrop Ideas For Unique Frames

Jaymala Backdrop Ideas: In most Indian weddings, the jaimala varmala event is a must. It’s a fun ritual devoid of which marriages will lose its excitement. Who can say the poster image of your marriage album will not be from this entertaining ceremony.

In this pandemic situation where social distancing is one of the norms, crafting amusing Jaymala backdrop ideas needs brainstorming to some extent.

Couples who are eager to tie their knots amidst this lockdown can try out-of-the-box ideas that are also quite affordable to implement.

Floral backdrops still stand tall even in this 21st century. However, eclectic and non-floral options can also be explored. Given below are some of the lively Jaymala backdrop ideas:

1.Pure paper festoon splendor: It is one of the easiest options you can try. The importance of paper festoons can’t be felt in a grand wedding.

However, paper festoons will come to your rescue if you are planning to get wedded this lockdown. They bring in a joyous mode which otherwise is very difficult to attain.

Jaymala Backdrop Ideas

2. Dazzling fireworks: This is another exciting backdrop for a jaimala varmala occasion. Weddings are special and everybody tries their best to make it memorable. Dazzling crackers and blissful diyas have a felicitous quotient associated with them.

Also, the candle lights and festive firecrackers in the background will create timeless portraits of lovebirds something to cherish throughout their lives.

Jaymala Backdrop Ideas

3. What about fresh ferns backdrop? : If you and your partner are nature lovers, this can be the perfect theme for you. When the majestic beauty of nature comes in the Jaymala stage, it will leave everyone stunned.

Jaymala Backdrop Ideas

4. When your near and dear ones craft your Jaymala backdrop with an extravagant Drape Saga! : Let your folks be a part of the frames.

However, unlike the previous ones, this one requires a considerable amount of effort from your peers. The smiling faces captured will tell your wedding story.

Jaymala Backdrop Ideas

5. Are you fascinated by rustic décor? If yes, why not give it a try: This is the appropriate setting for introvert souls who want to unite far from all sorts of hustles and bustles and the gaze of others.

Incorporating natural elements from the surroundings will give your Jaymala event an added dimension.

Jaymala Backdrop Ideas

6. Is peach your favorite shade? Then opt for a peachy and multi-colored setup: Want a heavenly embellishment for you Jaimalavarmala backdrop? If yes, then go for a peach backdrop paired up with floral and foliage patterns and dreamy lights.

By adding a vintage white sofa and stylish candle holders you can get that impeccable Jaimalavarmala backdrop for you. 

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7. A boho like a stage with flowers and fur:  Do you wish to give a fury appearance to your Jaimalavarmala backdrop? Do you want to incorporate floral aesthetics into it? If so, then, go for this particular wedding backdrop design ideas.

This stage is decorated with white fur and paired up with red and white flowers. Add an intriguing pink light with it and witness the magic. This wedding backdrop design idea is simple yet stylish perfect for every couple out there. 

G:\Penning down\Debaanuj Work\TREE project 01-10-2020\added word counts\Pic 18.jpg

8. Choose a comprehensive floral backdrop with shades of red and white: This stage backdrop is of baby pink fascinating enough to leave your invitees lost for words. 

Add a brass sofa and chandelier along with it to provide a vintage appearance to your wedding backdrop. 

G:\Penning down\Debaanuj Work\TREE project 01-10-2020\added word counts\Pic 19.jpg

9. A wedding backdrop decorated with luxurious white and gold:  If you want to opt for a luxurious wedding backdrop setup, then this decoration idea is for you. It includes a marvelous combination of gold and white with a touch of red.

Encompass this setting with olive and pink drapes and large vintage flower vases and white chairs. Make sure there are ritzy printed red cushions within those chairs. As a final touch, a carpeted floor will make your backdrop look exquisitely royal. 

G:\Penning down\Debaanuj Work\TREE project 01-10-2020\added word counts\Pic 20.jpg

10. Do you have a fondness for rustic backdrop wedding stages? Then, pair it up with shades of green and white: This is one of the most unique wedding backdrop decoration ideas perfect for your Jaimalavarmala session. It’s a perfect combination of white and green flowers, elongated metallic candelabras, barrel drums, candle holders, and planters.

This gives your wedding backdrop decoration a fantastic multi-faceted appearance. To add a hint of elegance, add dazzling white sofas teamed up with sober lighting appearance. 

G:\Penning down\Debaanuj Work\TREE project 01-10-2020\added word counts\Pic 21.jpg

11. A fairytale-like starry and glittering wedding backdrop decoration: Make your Jaimalavarmala stage a paragon of a fairytale. Decorate it with glittery golden strings, white and silver hanging handicrafts. Create a magical aura all about your wedding stage backdrop to overawe your invitees.

Just add a few candles along with white seating arrangements that are it.  This will turn your wedding backdrop decoration into an utter splendor. Get ready to experience a quintessential fairytale-like Jaimalavarmala session with this wedding backdrop décor idea. 

G:\Penning down\Debaanuj Work\TREE project 01-10-2020\added word counts\Pic 22.jpg

Every couple craves their jaimala varmala event to be a grand one. However, it doesn’t need to be extravagant all the time.

Give life to your creativity and channelize your thoughts. Arranging a simple and affordable yet innovative Jaymala ceremony wouldn’t be very difficult.

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