Jai Mala designs that we found too beautiful to ignore

In the old days, most of us have seen Jai mala made with gold and notes. But in today’s world, it has become obsolete. Now is the time of beautifully scented and woven varmala with charming and stimulating designs. Since a wedding is a new journey of starting your married life, everything should be perfect. Exchanging Jai mala between the groom and the bride is a conventional and deep-rooted practice in Indian culture. It is one of the most beautiful customs in a marriage ceremony. Jai mala exchange also exhibits that an adult man and woman have full consent to take each other as husband and wife. Thus, to help you select the most gorgeous pair of Jai malas for your wedding, we have put together the list and designs of some of the trending ones.

1. Maroon carnation Jai malas will enhance the significance of your auspicious occasion:

2. Beautiful Baby breath and pink rose garlands that will match well with any outfit:

3. Elegant and magical mogra Jai malas, matching with the bridal hairstyle:

4. Pink Hued Garlands with a combination of any white flower, like roses, baby breaths, or mogra:

5. Classical pink & white Rose Jai malas that will add charm to your wedding:

6. Beautify the varmala with white hydrangeas, roses, and baby breaths:

7. Classical Lotus garlands give a royal and magnificent aura to the wedding ceremonies:

8. Foliage Jai malas give a lush and inspirational look to the wedding:

9. Traditional bright coloured yellow or red all roses varmalas will work wonders in your nuptial functions:

10. Seashell with a beautiful flower combination is the latest design of varmala trending these days:

11. Marigold is an integral part of an Indian wedding, and nothing can go wrong with orange and yellow garland:

12. Lightweight and artificial flower jaimalas are the best options for those couples who like it simple:

13. Hawaiian-styled varmalas include some of the brightest colour contrast:

14. Floral garland with a combination of jewels, beads, mirror work, and danglers:

15. Pearl Jaimalas will be a statement and unique piece for the modern groom or bride:

Final Words

By putting Jai malas into your better half’s neck, you will let the world know that you have accepted each other as soul mates. So such a significant event deserves the most beautiful var mala design. So select the one you have loved the most and will go perfect with both of your attires. 

Aastha Jha
Founder and CEO at The Wedding Journal


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