Intimate Wedding Ideas That We Love

Intimate wedding ideas are trending these days. If you have plans to get married in the coming days, you need to organize it on a small scale due to the ongoing Covid19 pandemic. Because of the limitation on gathering sizes, a big fat wedding is a thing of the past now and it has to be an intimate affair.

Here are some intimate wedding ideas to make your wedding day a memorable one.

A small guest list

To make your wedding an intimate affair, the first thing you need to do is to make the guest list short. Since all of them are near and dear to you, you may be confused about whom to include and whom to leave out. Remember those with whom you had a word in the recent past.

A small guest list

An unconventional venue

Since you will have fewer guests, you can try some unconventional ideas when booking the venue. Instead of a traditional wedding venue, it can be an apartment rooftop, backyard, a hotel suite, a restaurant, a coffee shop, a small vineyard, gardens, or a brewery.

how to plan a micro wedding

Intimate seating arrangement

Since it’s going to be an intimate wedding with fewer guests, create an intimate seating arrangement with one large-sized table. When your guests sit close to each other they get to know themselves better and it will make them feel like a family.

intimate wedding ideas for two,

Destination wedding

A destination wedding can be one of the best intimate wedding ideas because your guest list will be short consisting of some family members and very close friends. If you and your partner have a dream destination in mind, then why not make it the backdrop of your wedding ceremony.

planning a small intimate wedding,

Organize events

With fewer guests, you will have extra funds. You can use the money for organizing special events to enhance the evening and keep your guests entertained. For example, you can organize live music, group games, site seeing, and hire a photographer or a pianist.

small wedding ideas at home,

Personalized invitations

Sending personalized invitations to each of your guests and calling them up personally is another intimate wedding idea. Your guests will not only appreciate this idea of yours but it will also make them feel special.

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Upgrade the menu

Another great idea of an intimate wedding is to upgrade the menu. You can add some more exotic dishes and pair it up with fine wine that your guests will surely love and enjoy.

small wedding venues for 20 guests,

These were some intimate wedding ideas you can try in the presence of those who really matter.

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