Inspirational Bridal Eye Makeup

 Makeup- A cover and a change of look for oneself has always been a very important part of the life of every women, and even men at times.

Let it be a normal or a regular day, or even the most special day, it has been a go to thing, that probably enhances ones look and at times, even gives confidence about themselves.

Every bride becomes very picky and is cautious as eyes do a lot of talking on their D day, the most important day for every bride. The initial preparation involves the choice of the bride.

Any makeup artist would first give choices, if the bride needs a bold, classic, or simple and elegant look, as every form gives a different level of both confirmation and happiness to the bride. Eye makeup can be divided depending on the preference and the shades they prefer.

In the current scenario, almost many prefer having a  simple but elegant look. So a nude shade that perfectly blends with the skin tone is something that many like. To add upon, maybe a bit of glitter and a simple Kajal adds upon, and makes it the perfect one for the occasion.

Smokey eye makeup is something that makes the bride look both gorgeous, and bold. It isn’t something always preferred, as this makes a make or break statement for the whole look and makes it look dramatic. Yet, many prefer adorning it because of its simplicity of shades and the ease in getting towards it.

Rosey eye makeup has been a go-to option for most brides for a very long time. The best eye makeup for fair skin tones is rosy. Softer eye shadow color choices are used in rosy eye makeup.

In order to make the eyes look brighter, the pink eye makeup needs to be coordinated with the facial makeup, especially the contouring of the cheeks and colouring of the lips.

For any Indian bride, her wedding would be incomplete without jewellery. Gold being the primary ones, are already very bright. So, to keep the eye makeup coordinated with it, a copper eye with fake lashes and a line of liner and mascara is a perfect choice.

Infact, it is a perfect option to opt when there are a lot of outfits planned and less time, as this eye makeup would go with almost all traditional outfits.

The other trend is having eye makeup totally matching the outfit. A golden shade merging with the skin tone towards the side of the eyelids, it does have a shine of its own.

Highlighted more with the winged eyeliner, mascara and kaajal, it does make her look pretty as it isn’t too vibrant, but perfectly suits her too.


For any bride who wants to be experimental, she can probably go for a dual tone eye makeup rather than the usual single one. Colors run amok the eyes for a lively eye makeup look. Consider a dual shade of eyelids and rims for your D-day look.

For creating a dreamy look, dual colors can be applied for the eye shadow, such as blue and pink.

Shimmery eyes have always been a perfect one for parties. For an occasion involving an informal party, such deep hues with a dark black kohl gives it an identity of its own.

Eye makeup thus can be classy, simple, bold, elegant and dramatic. Right before the wedding, almost everyone includes a beauty regime.

Eye pampering is also a very important thing to do.  Looks don’t always matter, but for a day, perfection isn’t bad right?!



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