How to Dress up for a 2021 Summer Wedding

No doubts, Indian weddings are not just about the rituals and the couple, it involves more than just that. It is about the guests and about the excitement we carry to wear several designers and fancy dresses aligning with the make-up and footwear. It gets a bit tough to select the attire to attend the wedding taking place in the summer and on the other hand, we can’t ignore the fact that most Indian weddings take place in the summer season only.  

Thus, to solve your doubt a bit and to assist you in wearing the best attire for the weddings, we got a list of some of the dresses that can be considered when it comes to wedding in the summer season. 

Look, to select the attire for the wedding in summer, analyse the situations and the circumstances well. Consider the venue where the celebration is going to take place, including the season and the temperature and also consider if you are going to face a lot of the crowd or what. When you have considered all these factors, it won’t be that tough to pick out a dress to wear and products to apply as make-up while attending the wedding ceremonies. For instance, when you know your venue of the celebration is going to be beachside, take a dress accordingly or if you think you are probably going to spend the day in the sun, have a light dress and lighter make-up. Everything goes accordingly! 

If you are still finding yourself in the doubt and think it is not going to be easy to pick out a dress to wear for the summer wedding celebration, have a glimpse at this below-mentioned guide. Below here we have considered some of the dresses that can be helpful in selecting your perfect match. 

Formal Wedding Attire

Your formal attire is not just a perfect fit for the official meetings, it can go amazingly with the wedding celebrations as well. Wear the black formal shirt with a black or white bow or a tie, whatever you think suits you and then add the charm to your look by covering the shirt with a blazer. 

One can also just go with the shirt and the trouser. This simple yet elegant look is amazing!


As we are done with men wear, let’s switch to the perfect piece for the women to attend the wedding, especially the summer weddings. 

A simple gown (select the length according to the preference) with a bit of makeup is another elegant appearance to get with minimum efforts. 


Nothing can beat the essence of Saree. A single nine-yard piece of cloths has the potential to bring an elegant appearance anytime anywhere!

Pick out a plain saree and a fashionable blouse with designer and stylish drafted chemise and you are ready for the party. Especially if you are picking up a summer party to attend, don’t think twice before selecting the saree and wearing that with the slightest makeup. 

Saree has the charm to fit with anyone. It goes with tall girls and can match the height of elegance with the short lady as well.  Probably you don’t need to think before picking up the perfect fit before attending a wedding.  


To select the wedding or attire for any celebration, we would highly recommend considering your comfort and satisfaction in what you are going to wear. Don’t push yourself to wear something that is not fine and comfortable to you, because it will ruin the entire charm of the selected dress. 

On the other hand try to consider the location, venue, situation and crowd that is going to be there presenting the celebration, and after that pick out your choice that is going to be perfect with the situation and the surroundings. 

Let’s not skip the fact that attire needs to be personal and particular preference and no one shall be judged accordingly. It can happen that you can be comfortable in one attire which I won’t that good enough to go, thus, before taking suggestions from anyone, try to consider your own suggestion for the dress you are going to wear.

Aastha Jha
Founder and CEO at The Wedding Journal


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