Fun Activities Which Can Be Done at Home Weddings

Home Weddings are on the rise now. Weddings are a cause of celebration and the place where many people meet. The bride and groom get busy in the wedding rituals and the relatives and friends are there to assist them, so some form of entertainment must be there to ensure that the guests are not bored.

According to the recent sources, the average size of wedding invitees reaches up to 200; so it becomes imperative to keep a fun activity at their disposal. 

Home Weddings: Some games to consider

Choosing the games can seem to be a tough job. For a wedding managed by professional wedding planners, this is usually arranged beforehand, but for home weddings, some of the games mentioned below could be used to entertain the guests;

  • Jenga – This block-stacking game can add fun and whimsy to the home wedding. Both tabletop and the life-size set could be arranged for.
  • Ring toss-  This is a carnival game and can add a bit of childish fun for the wedding guests. You can even arrange for a pairing game by writing names of the guests into the rings and pegs to see who gets paired with who. 
  • Corn Hole: This game can also be a great time- spender for the guests and the board and the beanbags can also be arranged to reflect the moods of the wedding. 
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Some things you shouldn’t do

The idea of wedding games is really inspiring and very handy in managing the busy and bustling situation of a wedding. However, it must be taken care that the guests do not get ahead of themselves while playing the games. 

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Weddings are the time to let go, but also arrangements must be there to stop any unwanted development. Although the cost of caring for a guest in a home wedding is less than that of a destination wedding, it is better to be alert to avoid any issue. Some of the steps that can be followed are;

  1. Alcohol distribution should be regulated and the guests monitored for any drunken behavior; immediate action must be taken at the first sign.
  2. The use of explosives or fire in these wedding games should be a strict no-no; it is dangerous and often illegal.
  3. A similar approach should be taken to firearms, unless a part of the wedding ritual or other authorized purpose, it should be prohibited.
  4. If there are children present, then care must be taken to keep them away from games having small blocks or pieces which can cause a choking hazard.

It is better to be safe than sorry and also helpful in spending the day without any unwanted event.

Maintaining the flow

Within the busyness of the wedding day, arranging for a wedding day game will be a great prelude to the exquisite food and killer music. It can also be a great way for the guests to intermingle and fewer worries for the arrangers while the invitees remain busy.

So, if you are planning a home wedding anytime soon, make sure you include these games on the list of things-to-do!

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