6 Tips To Find The Perfect Hair Color For The Wedding

The timeline of an individual’s wedding contains anxiety-laden decisions, moving parts, and considerations. But above everything, both the bride and the groom need to look their best on this special day. Since the COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the entire globe, lockdowns and restrictions might not provide you the dream wedding you wanted. But no matter how you celebrate your wedding day in these difficult times, you need to make sure that you have the right hair color for the Wedding. There are many beautiful colors that you can opt for your hair so that it makes you look elegant at the same time.

Tips to find the right hair color

Given below are some crucial tips that will help you pick the perfect hair color for your wedding day. 

Hair color for the Wedding
  1. The shades of makeup and skin color: To pick the right hair color, the most obvious consideration should be your skin color. Additionally, you must also consider the shades you will be using for your makeup. If you are using shades like subtle reds, pinks, and brows for their makeup, you must go for the blonde highlights, caramels, natural browns, and medium reds for the hair color. On the other end, if you have a dusky complexion, you can experiment with double or single streaks of red or dark red shades such as toffee, mahogany, and maple brown. 
  2. Your personality: These days, many individuals are pretty conscious about their appearance and the clothes they wear. Go for a hair color that will complement your personality. Choosing a hair color according to your personality will make you stand out more on your wedding day. You can go a bit edgy and opt for a strong contrast that will match with the natural color. But if you want to keep it simple the go for natural shades and subtle highlights.
  3. The hair texture and style: When you have frizzy hair, it will be better to not go for blonde colors or highlights. It’s because the entire spotlight will be on the frizzy ends of your hair. Apart from that, if you have thick curls, you opt for contrasting shades and dark colors for your natural hair color. Doing so will make your hair bounce, and your hair will look voluminous. But if you choose similar colors, your entire hair will look messy. Before you leap, make sure to consult about your hair texture and style with your stylist.
  4. The quality of water you use to wash your hair: Things that are not natural will have a scope of the damage. If you have bathed with hard water, you must opt for the colors that will match perfectly with the natural color of your hair. It’s better not to move away from the original shades. Otherwise, on your wedding day, your guests will encounter that the color of your hair is wearing out. 
  5. Doing hair color for the first time: If you are coloring your hair for the wedding and never did it before, you must not opt for permanent hair colors. It is suggested that you stick with semi-permanent colors. If you want to use shades away from your natural hair color, then you must go for at least two or three shades. Do not choose any hair color randomly. Take a look at whether or not, it suits well with your hair. It’s because you might experience an allergic reaction if you are not careful.
  6. Professional commitments: Your profession plays a major role in the color of your hair. You must opt for a hair color that goes perfectly well with your profession. It’s because you do not have to scare away your customers or clients when you get back to work after your wedding. So, you must keep your boss, professional activities, and colors in mind when choosing a hair color.
Hair color for the Wedding

Ending Thoughts!

Weddings are grand and beautiful. It stands out as an important event for an individual’s life. To make the ceremony unique and exciting you must look your best. Choose the right hair color so that it matches with the wedding attire. But if don’t know where to start, you take the help of the tips provided in this document.

Aastha Jha
Founder and CEO at The Wedding Journal


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