The Most Sought-After Groom Accessories for Wedding

Groom Accessories for Wedding is in huge demand. Marriage is an occasion where the people are required to be in their best attires so that they can complement the exceptional and uniquely celebratory nature of the occasion. The dress, accessories, and make-up arrangements of the bride are a known fact, especially for an Indian wedding. 

In some parts of India, only a designer bridal lehenga can cost up to Rs. 1,50,000, and more; where adding unique design ventures and other custom embellishments will increase. On the other hand, it is also true that groom attire and accessories are given much importance in this regard. Read on to know more.

The accessories for grooms

The common notion of the people is that the groom’s accessories are cheaper than the brides. This is not the whole truth; depending upon the brand, size, and the make, some of the accessories can cost similar, if not more. Moreover, when these accessories are custom-built, the cost becomes greater. Let us know about the different types of groom accessories for weddings;

1. Shoes

Shoes are not an accessory to the groom, rather it’s an integral requirement for the wedding ensemble of the groom. Normally, if you are going the Indian traditional way, a jooti or a nagrai may be well-suited for your dress.

Groom shoes,Groom Accessories for Wedding

If the norm is suits and ties, then you can play with the colors – black, brown, grey-anything can be worn. However, keep in mind the color scheme and refrain from using plastic shoes. 

2. Socks

Here is another part of the wedding attire that the groom can play a little with. In the case of formal black-tie affairs, the color schemes of the groomsmen may be followed. Alternating colors or similar, anything can look good on the groom. In some cases, a printed, ridiculous sock might be a new touch only if the groom can carry it. 

Groom socks,Groom Accessories for Wedding

For traditional dresses, normally socks are not needed. However, if the weather is extremely cold, then colors matching the skin tone of the groom may be used. 

3. Pocket embellishments

In case a tuxedo or suit is worn by the groom, a pocket square may make for a nice, regal touch. The white pocket squares are a classic and safe bet, although for more daring grooms, coordinating the pocket squares with other accessories can be a nice choice. 

groom pocket square,Groom Accessories for Wedding

For traditional outfits, although it is not strictly a “pocket embellishment”, but a jeweled broach can add a royal touch on the total ensemble. The choice of color and shape will depend on the dress worn by the groom. 

4. Safa and turban 

Indian weddings offer ample opportunities to add a dash of color and vibrancy to your wedding outfit. Since most of the traditional-wears like sherwanis, bandhgalas, and achkans offer room for accessories, grooms can opt for colorful safas as well as bejeweled turbans.

groom safa,groom turban

These will surely add a magnificent touch to the entire outfit. 

The cost incurred

Compared to the types and numbers of embellishment and the time taken to don them fully, the accessories of grooms are pretty simple and does not take an army to arrange.

Taking in all the expenses, including the cost of the different rituals, it comes to about Rs, 50,000 to Rs. 2, 00, 000. So, according to the budget of the groom or his family, a designer or dress consultant may be hired to choose the best accessories to adorn the dress of the groom on his wedding day. 

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Aastha Jha
Founder and CEO at The Wedding Journal


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