Gorgeous Mango Mala designs That We Fell in Love With!

   If there is a dream to see the most fabulous and exquisite jewellery, it is the Mango Mala design. From earrings and bracelets to bangles and silver pieces, the Mango Mala design is a product of profound luxury and craftsmanship. It is the preferred choice of many for its lightweight designs. These Mango Mala designs are good for any outfit that you wear and at your ease.

   It is famously said that Mango is a fruit that helps people to fulfil their wishes. Indeed true! In fact, this is one of the major reasons that Mango designs are very popular when it comes to Indian jewellery. Revered by the traditional people of South India, Mango mala designed jewellery can be used along with multiple stones like blue and yellow sapphire stones, topaz, emerald and ruby among others.  Most Importantly, Mango Mala designs go well with antique pieces of jewels.     

   There are few designs that make Mangomala the pride of many women. These designs are sure to set you apart when you are in a crowd! If you are planning to buy some gorgeous traditional designs, then do take a look below and definitely check it out:

1) The Kempu Ring: Handcrafted with the use of precious little stones, this ring is a must buy, if you love it! The biggest advantage is that you can make it flexible on your own, without bothering about anything. A modest and sophisticated piece indeed!

2) Choker necklace: When you are in a hurry, Choker necklaces are the best that you can have. Delicately handcrafted and made of sterling silver, this product is sure to calm your senses on your next occasion. This is a good pick for a traditional look. This is also a perfect one with light designs.

3) Rangoli Peacock Studs: If you love Peacocks, then this is the perfect pick for you! Handmade with sterling silver, these studs are a perfect fit for grand events. The colourful and precious stones only add to the beauty of the set and surely set you apart from the rest!

5) Floweret Kundan Hanging: This product of elegant craftsmanship is that which is hung below the earlobe. It is a good piece for those who love such ear hangings. This piece is quite royal! It enhances your overall outfit and is sure to amaze you to a vast extent.

4) Mango Pattern Stone Kada: A perfect wear for the wrist, this Kada is also made of sterling silver and is very beautiful with its precious stones. This Kada enhances your look to a great extent and is sure to uplift your clothes.

   For anyone looking out for the best pieces of jewellery, there can’t be anything else that evades you.

   It is worth noting that All Mango Mala products are made of 925 sterling silver and we use precious, semi-precious and synthetic stones.

   For your next occasion, don’t forget to check out MangoMala!

Aastha Jha
Founder and CEO at The Wedding Journal


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