Things To Do After Getting Engaged!

Have you just been Engaged?? Well, getting engaged can give you jitters and get you all excited. But you must understand that each day after your engagement is a day closer to the bigger day- your wedding day! Amidst all the excitement there are chances that you may forget to do all the planning and mess up your wedding day big time.

Things To Do As Soon As You Get Engaged!

Engagement is the right time to start

Though your wedding may be months away from your engagement, remember that it is actually the right time to start. When you start planning with ample time in hand, you are able to ensure that each and every element fall in their place and there is enough time to even plan for the backups.

Learn from the experts

If you do not know how to go about with your planning post engagement, then here are some quick tips taken right from the experts that are definitely going to help:

  • Fix a date: Some people get engaged before they have decided on the date for their big day. So, in such cases, the first step that needs to be taken is to decide upon the date.
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  • Research for the venues: Remember, you may not be the only one tying the knot this wedding season. That is why it is essential that you research the venues first after your engagement. You definitely would not want your favorite venue to be taken away only because you could not do the planning at the right time.
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  • Determine the budget: Weddings are a grand affair but you should not overspend out of excitement. That is why you must sit down with your significant other and determine the budget that is feasible for your wedding. Remember to separate out an amount in case any kind of emergency come up at the last moment.
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  • Determine the guest list: Once you have decided upon the venue and the budget, it will be easier for you to calculate how many people you can fit into your guest list. Accordingly, you may decide on the people whom you would want to witness your big day and take part in the celebrations with you.
what not to do when you get engaged
  • Dress cautionary: With so many different fashion styles available today, deciding upon the clothes that you would want for your big day may not be easy. So explore the various styles and make your decision. However, do not buy it just right away as there are chances that you might gain or lose weight.

Well! While you go about with this list, do not forget to spend some time relaxing with your significant other and be sure enough that you will have a perfect wedding!

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Aastha Jha
Founder and CEO at The Wedding Journal


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