Feliz Décor- The Hottest Wedding Planners In Hyderabad

Feliz Décor is a wedding planning and decoration firm that has created a decent reputation within the market. The company calls Hyderabad its home and specializes in creating bespoke, elegant, and beautiful weddings, which are personally planned down during the last detail. The company was created with a combination of event planning and business. Even though they are relatively new, they come with plenty of experience and skills. No matter what type of wedding you want, the wedding planners of Feliz Décor will turn your dreams into reality.

Few words about the owner

The person behind Feliz Décor is none other than Karishma Hiranandani, who belongs to a family of business owners. She is well aware that being the boss of your own establishment will be demanding and rewarding at the same time. Her journey of starting a wedding decoration and planning business started after she graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering and started her job at a corporate company in Dubai. Karishma was a part of the company’s event planning team in Dubai, which sparked her artistic side and also enabled her to sharpen her skills.

After she came back to her motherland, India, Karishma enrolled herself in an event management course. The course helped her gain knowledge and understanding about the industry, which enabled her to establish Feliz Décor in 2019. In her recent interview, she expressed how fortunate she is to be running her business and doing things that she loves. Karishma’s journey was not filled with flowers, but she managed to overcome everything. Now, Feliz Décor has become a household name in the market, and it’s all thanks to Karishma’s determination and dedication.

Services Feliz Décor offers to its customers

Even though the company is known for its outstanding wedding decoration and planning, there are many other things they can do. Designing invitation cards, menu, decorations, and the venue are some of the things, which the company can do. No matter what the budget is and how complicating the entire wedding decoration can be, Feliz Décor guarantees to get the job done in time. They have created beautiful fairytale-like weddings for their customers and are packed with all the knowledge, equipment, and tools to deliver neat and clean work. 

Ups and downs Feliz Décor experienced 

Even though there was plenty of room for success, the challenges and obstacles were endless. One time, Karishma and her team fell prey to a natural disaster. This made her realize that it’s crucial to make preparations for natural disasters beforehand when something unexpected takes place. Feliz Décor also experienced plenty of hardships during the COVID-19 pandemic as the entire nation and the globe were under lockdown. But the company stayed strong and came up with unique solutions to keep on running, even during such times. 

Few words of advice to the next generation wedding planners

In her recent interview, Karishma has recommended all the young minds to take up courses to learn more about the wedding industry and how exactly it operates. She also said that it will be much easier to gain in-depth knowledge about the sector before starting as a wedding planner or decorator. 

If you are thinking of making your wedding day a memorable one, contacting Feliz Décor to prepare everything for you will be an excellent idea. They have a team of designers and decorators who are skilled in the work they do. The company will make sure to turn dreams into reality in no time.

Aastha Jha
Founder and CEO at The Wedding Journal


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