DIY Décor Ideas to rock your intimate wedding

When it comes to weddings, all of us have some of the other unique and fabulous ideas to decorate the wedding venue and plan the celebrations. All of us wish to have a unique celebration to make the day more special, more unique, and most of all rememberable.

We keep on planning for days to do something distant for the guests, do something beautiful for the décor, or do something out of the box to add charm to the celebrations. But, when the time comes, we often run out of ideas. Thus, in such a scenario, our brief blog can help you out!

Here in this blog, we have mentioned some of the easy décor ideas that can be performed by yourself without the assistance of wedding decorators; these ideas for the décor can be easily claimed as DIY ideas for the wedding venue. 

Those glass bottles can be something unique to decorate the wedding venue:

This is something that is quite easily accessible and not at all tough to find. We can easily get these glass bottles; you can either employ plastic transparent designed bottles here as well. These can stay for long and be a gorgeous decorative material for the house interiors as well. 

Have a good dose of transparent bottles, fill the same with flowers or lights depending upon the choice and hang them out with the help of light ropes or treads. 

Relatively easy, flexible, and fantastic décor can be framed with just a slight amount of investment in both the efforts and costs. This is something that is enough to add charm to the wedding decorations of the venue.

Trees: Ever thought about keeping plants to embellish the wedding site?

Next on the list comes trees. Yes! Didn’t you think about that before? OH! We knew. But we would highly recommend using plants for the decorations of your intimate wedding. If you can plan or arrange an outside wedding venue, always ensure that you are definitely making use of the plot having a good dose of plants and trees planted there. 

These greeneries are not just about the color, and it is beyond that. Just a fantastic idea to add charm to the decorations of your wedding and enough to make your wedding décor stand out of the crowd.

Flowers! Flowers and Flowers:

So familiar and general yet so ignored factor of the wedding décor, yes! When we say to make use of flowers, you must have thought that this is not a unique way to decorate and it is pretty common and boring, but let us tell you that most of us often get so busy with the lighting and the artificial decorations that we end up slipping this term. 

We skip making use of flowers in decorating the wedding venue. However, we would say, don’t do that. This is one of the best DIY Décor ideas that you can employ, and it won’t call for must time or effort to fix the bunch of flowers on your wedding venue. 

Make use of roses and marigolds as much as you can and see how the site has enhanced glowing.

There are several other options to decorate the wedding venue like, making use of fair lights or employing paper flowers to add magic to the decorations. These ideas are pretty easy and quite convenient to perform when it comes to decorating the wedding venue. 

Or one of our favorites is quite simple, but you will probably find it unique, that is, painting the waste tiers of the vehicles and keeping them as a decorative material. You can also think about keeping flower vases over there or add fairy lights. Have customized and beautiful décor for your wedding. We hope this helps!

Aastha Jha
Founder and CEO at The Wedding Journal


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