Dimplle S Bathija: Things to know about her journey

An integral part of the bridal ensemble is the makeup – which is essential as it brings together the glamour, the dress, and the jewelry and provides an exquisite and balanced look. For a high-budget wedding like in celebrity households or an industrialist, the need for a professional make-up artist becomes paramount. One of the names that are invariably uttered in these circles and are a regular choice of the brides is the most popular make-up artist Dimplle S Bathija. Let us know about her journey from a trainee to a professional sought by the biggest of celebrities.

About the person

Dimple S Bathija was a resident of Mumbai and started her journey in this field by assisting Cory Walia, a student of the internationally renowned Bobbi Brown, and thereafter, received training under a London-based artist with 18 years of experience, Annie Shah. She has worked with famous actors of the industry, namely, Urvashi Rautela, Arpita Khan, Giorgia Andriani, Anusha Dandekar, Karishma Sharma, Natasha Stankovic, Navneet Kaur Dhillon, Noyonita Lodh, and many more. 

She believes in keeping herself up-to-date on the current practices of make-up in the world. In this regard, she has completed training under Alessandro Alcantara and Raphael Oliver, two renowned Brazilians in this industry. 

Her opinion on competition

As a famous and skilled person in her field, her views on competition are quite confident as she believes that persons cannot get more than what’s destined for them. If the person works with heart and maintains the good work, then the prime positions will be secured for them. In her own experience, during her initial years, people with appreciable makeup skills were not so easily found, whereas, in recent times, one can find a whole team of people according to the budget. Still, she is among the most coveted names in the industry. 

Her choice of makeup companies includes Bobby Brown, Makeup Forever, Anastasia Beverly Hills, MAC, Chanel, Armani, etc. With the help of these great products, Dimple S Bathija creates different looks on every bride while keeping the wedding theme, outfit, and ornaments in mind. She believes that competition is irrelevant, as each new hand gives rise to a distinct look. This look cannot be achieved by any other person as each one finishes differently. 

Her challenges in the career

Her skilled makeup and the worldwide client list took a toll on the COVID-19 situation. According to her, she did not have to face any challenges and enjoyed a smooth journey. Her proficiency was instrumental in getting her referrals and recommendation from the brides she used to perform her magic on. This “word-of-mouth” publicity gave her a grateful list of clients. In recent times, she is utilizing the immense reach of social media to showcase her creativity and talents. Many websites have listed her among the top 10 makeup artist of Mumbai.

Winning the challenges

She doesn’t believe in luck but in working hard and her attitude of a go-getter. However, she also places much importance on keeping updated with the recent trends of makeup on social media. Besides, her practice of creating good content on social media and keeping the connection maintained with her customers have given her a responsive and ongoing client list. She believes that with the combination of these methods, a person in her field can bounce back against all troubles. 

Her definition of success

In her opinion, success is believing in the capability of oneself and keeping the passion alive in their works. Keeping true to one’s profession will make the sky the limit one can achieve. So, she defines success by maintaining the struggle and never throwing in the towel. Fueled by these mantras, she is planning to launch her makeup brand and establishing a master class of makeup globally. 

Advice to fellow starters

Her advice to the persons, especially women, who want to make a name for themselves in this particular field with very directed guidelines. According to her, one should learn from the best, train very well, and practice until the tradecraft becomes perfect. She expresses the last point with much importance, as in the professional scenario, there would be no room for trial and error. She also impresses upon the utility of having a great social media presence to let the world know about one’s talent and keeping contact with their clients and colleagues. 

Following in the footsteps

For a properly balanced made-up look, the skill of the make-up artist is the main criteria, along with the knowledge of skin tone, color, and the style of dresses the person is wearing. The increasing list of clients of Dimple S Bathija is very convincing proof of her in-depth knowledge and professional skills. She has worked her magic in high-end celebrity destination weddings in India and countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Bali, Kuala Lumpur & Dubai.

Aastha Jha
Founder and CEO at The Wedding Journal


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