Decoration Tips to make your home Wedding Elegant

Time is way too crucial these days most of the weddings out there got postponed and found further dates; however, there are people who want to perform the wedding rituals in their residence only considering the norms and situation outside. They are also planning to limit the number of guests and visitors.

If you are also planning to perform any such function and celebration at your abode only, we got you a brief guide speaking about ways and tips that can be helpful in making an at-home wedding elegant and lavish. From lights and decorating flowers to DIY we got you some of the amazing ideas to add stars to your home wedding decorations.

Genda Phool and Roses are the centres of decorations!

Genda Phool and Gulab especially those blood-red roses truly give the actual Indian and desi wedding vibes and they are indeed the centre of wedding decorations. You can pick agenda to decorate your entire abode for the wedding rituals and the entire beauty will suddenly get increased and let’s not forget those divine smell it gives in addition to their appearances. You can also think about adding some other flowers and add green foliage to it. There can be various styles and format that can be employed to include and consider the flower decorations.

Jhoola and the décor

If you don’t have a jhoola at your home, you can buy and own at a rent. Having the jhoola and getting it decorated with flowers and a lighting wire can add magic to the appearance and this is one of the most beautiful ideas for the at-house wedding ceremony. However, if we talk about a particular desi wedding, jhoola works well, especially for Mehendi and Haldi functions. And we can replace a similar space with a sofa or a couch for the wedding day. It gives amazing portrait picture background for the couple photographs.


Have your roof decorated with multiple chairs and canopy and let the guest have enough space to sit and relax while getting it decorated can give enough space for the photoshoots. A small tent with a bit of sitting space can be set up in a nearby garden or on the roof. However, remember to employ enough lights and flowers to add charm to the decorations.


Add fairy lights in the tent you chose as this is the vital and integral decoration piece you can count on to find elegance in the appearance. Lanterns are truly great when it comes to decoration, especially wedding décor. They come in various formats and colours which can be hung up on trees nearby or in the house and the rest of the vacant place can be covered with fairy lights and sparkling or glittering illumination.

Decorate the Household items like Trunks and Vases

Finding almirah, trunks and vases in homes are quite common. So, what you can do is to take them and polish and decorate accordingly to have the actual shaadi vibes in the home. You can spend a few of your efforts and time before the at-home function and get these items polished, this is one of the best and effective ways to get your home the shaadi gaze even without spending much. You can also think about buying the decorative covers and table envelop and the put the lighting and flowers on the tables that are lying as a ravage in the corner. Or think about pouring lights of various shapes and sizes on the vase to get the desired look of the abode.  If you own a birdcage or wall hangings, you can employ these items as well to have a budget-friendly yet elegant look of the house for the wedding. These decorations don’t even fade and fall off soon thus you can enjoy the vibes even after the marriage.

Aastha Jha
Founder and CEO at The Wedding Journal


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Decoration Tips to make your home Wedding Elegant

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